Peter Lamas Lash Growth Serum - Lash Primer for Bolder, Stronger, and Longer Lashes | Enhancing Mascara Primer | Vegan, Paraben, and Sulfate-Free | 1 Pack - REVIEW

  • This product is not a normal mascara. I don’t like wearing mascara/makeup everyday and just wanted something to add a little volume and tiny but leave my lashes soft. This product does just that! It adds a little bit of a tint and volume while still looking natural. My favorite product for “no makeup” days.
  • I haven't worn mascara for years but when I tried conventional brands they were gross, sticky, clumpy, crumbly, smudgy messes.this formula doesn't gob on and is more subtle, more natural doesn't smudge and doesn't flake after regular wear the whole day.I thought maybe after long term use it would help the condition, thickness, shade of my natural lashes, but I haven't seen anything yet.
  • My wife loves this mascara! She said it doesn't clump, easy to put on & remove. It's supposed to help with eyelash growth, but it's too soon to tell. She hasn't worn in a few weeks cuz she's had surgery.
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  • FROM THE MIND OF CELEBRITY STYLIST PETER LAMAS: With over 40 years in the hair and beauty industry, Peter has committed his career to creating his own line of natural beauty products - free of harmful chemicals and specially formulated with herbs, vitamins, and botanicals shown to nurture, not harm
  • LASH GROWTH SERUM: Fortified with High Potency Biotin + Panthenol to improve eyelash growth and thickness. Natural proteins and Spirulina to repair, strengthen and improve lash growth and thickness
  • FILL IN AND DARKEN BROWS & LASHES: Replaces need for fake lashes and eyelash tinting while also making a great filler for eyebrows. Darkens Lashes & Brows with 100% Natural Chicory and Walnut Shell coloring extracts
  • REPAIR AND STRENGTHEN: Protects eyelashes with oat protein, vitamin E, vitamin A, and almond oils coat each lash to condition, strengthen, smooth, repair, and protect from damage. Penetrates eyelash and brow shaft and follicle with healthy biotin and panthenol
  • BLEND OF NATURE AND SCIENCE: The entire Peter Lamas product line is 100% vegan, cruelty-free, paraben, and sulfate-free. With consistent use, Lash Masque will help you begin to see the appearance of stronger, healthy, fuller-looking lashes and brows in three to four weeks
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