Onyx Grand Cru Indoor & Outdoor Tanning Accelerator - Tanning Lotion for Tanning Beds with NO Bronzer - Tan Accelerator with Ultra Light Formula for Streak-Free Results - Tattoo & Color Fade Protection - Tanning Bed Lotion for Intense Moisturizing Skin - REVIEW

  • It’s a really nice tanning lotion for the tanning bed ..not greasy or oily and no bronzers …very moist and and soft to apply
  • The smell. Guys. You will not smell like tanning bed after use. It’s pretty awesome. I got home and my husband goes, did you go tan? I was like you can’t smell burnt skin smell? He was like nope. So that was the feed back on that. I’ve used 2-3 times and it has helped my overall tan from the bed. Would not use unless tanning in bed. I suppose you could lay out with this product in the sun but it is for tanning bed use.
  • This lotion feels and smells great. It's light, more like a serum. I'm using to break through a plataue, and it's helping.
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  • Immediate results: Our tan accelerator for tanning beds allows you to achieve dark tan even faster; this multiple tan intensifier will give you a sun-kissed glow after each tanning session
  • Melanin boost: Blend of Tyrosine boosts melanin production in your skin and accelerates the natural tanning process while increasing tanning effectiveness; this is a perfect indoor tanning lotion for pale skin because it does not contain any bronzing ingredients
  • No more tanning imperfections: Grand Cru is a tanning lotion for tanning beds that makes your tan always streak-free and stain-free; this tanning lotion without bronzer does not leave any stains on your clothes
  • All you need: Our tanning lotion features an ultra-light and fast-absorbing formula which provides countless benefits for your skin; Grand Cru is a tanning bed lotion that takes care of your skin before and after tanning sessions
  • Enjoy a long-lasting tan: Thanks to nourishing blends of organic components, such as Aloe Vera, Avocado Oil, and Almond Oil, your tan will last longer than ever
  • Tattoo protection tanning lotion: Grand Cru tanning lotion is made of an antioxidant-rich formula that fights free-radical damage; this unique blend protects the color and luster of your tattoos
  • Always youthful-looking skin: Our tanning lotion protects against skin damage, delays signs of aging, vitalizes, and soothes irritations; this tanning lotion for tanning beds is also working as a face tanner - you can use it on your face thanks to its natural ingredients
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