Physicians Formula Eye Booster Volumizing and Lengthening Mascara Instant Doll Lash Extension Kit, Ultra Black, Hypoallergenic, Dermatologist Tested, Clinically Tested, Cruelty Free - REVIEW

  • I’ve tried other fiber mascaras , and this one works the best. Shame is you can’t find it in any stores.
  • To keep fibers from falling into eyes or on cheeks I just lean my head to left or right to avoid fibers dropping there. The mascara is good and fibers really add alot of volumn and length to my short thin lashes. Have not had a problem with irritation either. I use a finishing layer of waterproof mascara to seal and smudge-proof. I like the Loreal tubing waterproof mascara red and white tube/container. Give it a try!
  • This is my very favorite mascara!! I have really short eyelashes and this is the only mascara that I've ever used that nobody could ever guess that . It's excellent quality and I love that you can layer the fibers then mascara as many times as you like . I can make my eyelashes really long like acual fake lashes but better because there not ... The price is well worth it because this is a fantastic product!!
  • I use this everyday and it adds quite a bit of depth and a bit of length to my very short eyelashes
  • This is my favorite mascara and I’ve tried so many! There.does require some attention when using to get the best result however. I have read complaints about the second step “filler/extender” falling off on face during wear and I’ve experienced this myself. What I’ve come to realize is the mascara itself must be moist enough for second step to adhere to lash and over time all mascaras will dry out. Tightening the mascara cap after using is first step but as product begins to dry out what do you do? My solution is to add a drop or two of sterile saline eye drops into mascara and mix well using it’s brush. The only negative thing to me is the spooly brush. I saved and use a spooly brush from a Maybelline volume express as needed ( I washed it with soap and water and keep it clean)
  • I’ve been using this for years and just discovered it’s cheaper to buy on Amazon. Definitely makes my lashes much longer. Even the mascara alone without the booster looks great. I haven’t found anything better yet and I trust Physicians Formula.
  • the reviews are horrible...if you don;t know how to use the dry fiber mascara, of course you'll have problems.APPLY THE WET MASCARA FIRST TWO COATS AT LEAST...1. a mirror..2. LOOK DOWN INTO THE MIRROR....LOOK DOWN INTO THE MIRROR,,,never just face to face into the mirror3. apply the fiber on the tips only...never full on like a wet mascara...just the tips apply the dry fiber4. apply the wet mascara on the tips ONLY can apply as many coats of these products as you like to achieve whatever length you are going for..5. IF CLUMPY USE A MASCARA BRUSH A CLEAN ONE..SEE?? THIS IS THE PROPER WAY TOO USE THIS PRODUCT...ALSO...NEVER HAVE a fan blowing anywhere around you while using this me i found out the hard way....
  • however, the powder is a pain! it gets in your eyes and ruins your mascara you just applied. So, the powder is now in the garbage! Love the mascara though!
  • i just love this makes my lashes look longer and darker.looks great and washes off.
  • Once you get the hang of how to use it and be sure to brush your face off after application it's wonderful
  • I have very short, light and thin lashes. I have tried some of everything just to make my lashes look normal (i.e. a person with naturally full lashes). I purchased this item, and when I received it, I immediately tried it. Love it, love it, love it. This will be the only mascara with fibers I use. My other go to is Loreal tellscopic. Love that one too.
  • This is one of my most favorite mascaras and believe me I've tried a lot of different lengthening mascaras. My eyelashes definitely seem longer and thicker when I'm using this product and I have seen a lot of reviews that say the little particles get into their eyes and irritate them but if you kind of just lean forward while you're applying it there shouldn't be a problem with it.
  • I love this stuff. I've been using it to enhance my lashes for a while now and I get stopped all the time and am asked if my lashes are real. It makes me laugh but I tell them I use this mascara, so I hope I'm bringing in more customers for this product.
  • I have loved this mascara for several years now. However, they changed the brush and I’m not really a fan. Only longer bristles at the tip, and tiny rubber spikes on most of the brush.
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  • Volumizing mascara and lengthening fibers for dramatic lashes Get this one of a kind kit today!
  • Volumizing mascara and lengthening fibers for dramatic lashes
  • Get this one of a kind kit today!
  • Hypoallergenic. Dermatologist Tested. Clinically Tested. Cruelty Free.
  • Experience a long, lifted & defined lash transformation! Life-changing lash duo with extra-long extensions provide a bold, doll-like look that visually enlarges and widens eyes for a sophisticated day or dramatic evening look! 24 hour wear. 100% saw long, defined lashes that look completely transformed! 100% saw longer extended & defined lashes in just 3 weeks!* <NEW LINE> *Based on individual perception of results by a panel of female volunteers wearing eyeliner & mascara.
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