280 Pcs Individual Lashes 30D+40D Mixed Lash Clusters 14 Rows that Look Like Eyelash Extensions DIY Lash Extension Self Application At Home (30+40-D-9-16mix) - REVIEW

  • The media could not be loaded. I love this product bought myself the overnight sealer and it lasts!!! I will be buying more products too!!
  • I love this lash bond and seal, I love how this could hold at least 72 hours and sometimes even more. After trying so many lash and bond products this is the first one that didn’t make me lose my lashes and was easy to remove.
  • I live these lashes so soft and easy to work with. I had to buy them twice because my daughters used them too. This are now our go to lashes, I’ve tried a few and these are the best so far.
  • these lashes are not like all clusters, they are super soft and easy to work with. the cluster part is really thin and that’s what i love the most! it gives off a clean finished look
  • i liked these lashes because they applied very easily, the length was very true to the description and the lashes didn’t irritate my eyes at all, will buy again.
  • I got this lash bond and seal as a first timer doing my lashes, and it made the process 100x easier. Super simple to use, not clumpy, and my eyelashes stayed on for almost 7 days now! Also very waterproof would recommend.
  • This is definitely what you need for your cluster lashes! You have the 2 steps in one with this one. Works greaat! Before I would just glue the lash to my eye lid and they would last a couple days, I just started using this and my lashes stay on a for couple days longer even while using an eye mask to sleep at night.
  • The pack comes with a lot of lashes to last which I love about, & I like mine thick, so the ones I ordered look amazing on me, & the quality was something that made it worth it
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  • Unique: The now very popular individual lashes are now available in PRO LashBeauty, and it is especially worth highlighting that PRO LashBeauty can provide 280 lashes in one tray! The blended lengths range from 9mm to 16mm, curls include C and D, and there are also have 10D, 20D, 30D, 40D, 10D+20D, 30D+50D. With a variety of styles for you to choose from. For the same price, you get more lashes and more uses.
  • Safe & Comforatable: PRO individual lashes will not irritate or damage your natural lashes, they are comfortable and skin-friendly.Our brand individual lashes are very soft, very light, and won't weigh you down. You can wear them all day without discomfort.
  • Quick install, DIY Your Own Beauty: You can wear it anytime and anywhere. Different styles could be created within a few minutes.
  • Natural Like Your Own Lashes: Two different styles of C-curl and D-curl lash clusters and a variety of lash lengths can help you easily achieve a natural or dramatic look. In addition, they can be removed cleanly by the adhesive remover without any worries at all.
  • Guarantee & After Sales Service:If there's anything we can help you with please message us and we will give your quick response and solutions. Thank you for shopping with us!
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