Rimmel Soft Kohl Eyeliner, Stormy Grey, 0.04 Ounce - REVIEW

  • Man I hope they never stop making this.Very hard to find a Kole pencil that smudges easily, stays on and is a soft colour but does the trickTHANK YOU AND KEEP IT UP.
  • Just got this color that came with my 2 other and used this once. I need to get use to the grey but I'm sure I'll like it too.Soft Kohl eyeliner pencil denim and jungle green I've used for years. These are soft and easy to use for a softer look. I don't use the other ones that have there own sharpener, they break off and are more like a crayon. I like the "pencil" that's really like a pencil. Use to be able to buy at Walmart. These came direct from England and included a grey color too.
  • So very hard, near impossible, to find a light grey eyeliner.This is as close as it gets.Why don't manufacturers realize there are lots of grey-haired senior citizens...and some not so senior...that would like to not look so clownish with the harsh eye makeup offered??Just wondering.If anyone out there knows of a lighter eyeliner/brow pencil without brown undertones, please publish it.
  • To me this is the PERFECT eye pencil. Goes on smooth and easy with just the right amount of coverage— don’t have to “fight” with it to get it on, and does not come on too strong either. And can’t beat the price. Will be using this brand from now on.
  • I like this color and use this product for years. Unfortunately, color doesn't stay as long as I would wanted, but it is easy to add it if needed. As I couldn't find it in the drugstores lately, I ordered on line. Very satisfied with this experience. The order has been delivered fast. Thanks a lot.
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  • Fade resistant colour
  • Smudgeable
  • Easy to apply
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