Long Lasting Fluid Concealer, Light, 0.27 Fluid Ounce - REVIEW

  • I have finally found a concealer that is bright enough to cover my darker undereyes. This brand was recommended to me by an Italian friend and is all I have used for all my makeup functions
  • When using it on my dark eye circles it blended very well, almost making it seem like I had no eye bags. I mix it with this brands medium color foundation to make a slightly darker color to match my skin better. Overall, this is a great product that works very well this brands foundation and primer!
  • Very cute packaging, it’s slim and small so it’s easy to carry. The concealer itself has a pretty light coverage, but when it’s paired with their foundation, it’s pretty good. The concealer is lightweight and it blends easily!
  • Its very lightweight and blends well. The problem is the actual tube itself. It leaks and gets very messy. I have to keep it upright in my makeup kit. It's still oozy.
  • This concealer is a gorgeous, lightweight concealer that has light to medium (when built up) coverage. This concealer is perfect for someone with dry undereyes/skin who doesn't have a lot to cover and is just looking for something to even their skintone out. I love how hydrating this concealer is. It makes my undereyes look healthy, rather than crepey and dry like a super matte concealer would. I personally have darker undereye circles than most so it's a little less coverage than I really need, but I've enjoyed using it on those "no makeup" makeup days or I'll even mix it with a concealer that has more coverage but is a little too drying for me. By mixing those two types of concealers, I'm able to get more coverage from the matte concealer, but more hydration and "dewyness" from the moncarlino concealer. I'm really happy with it.
  • Low end concealer that works really well.Nice to find a concealer that covers blemishes and doesn’t break the bank.
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  • Formulated with advance technology to conceal dark circles and other imperfections
  • Rich and long lasting due to the high percentage of encapsulated pigments in this crease free, light weight, oil free, full coverage formula
  • Special Ingredients: Vitamin E, Sweet Almond Seed Extract, Tourmaline
  • Oil Free, Gluten free, Cruelty free, Alcohol free, Ammonias Free, Hypoallergenic
  • Not Tested on Animals, No Parabens, No Sulfates, No Phthalates
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