Ruby Kisses Go Brow Eyebrow Kit, Black Dark Brown - REVIEW

  • Usually purchase this from the beauty salon store in Manhattan . Stores on Staten Island didn’t sell them and I don’t use any other brand . I absolutely love this brand . Does wonders on my eyes
  • So, my wife loves this stuff, here is her review: I was born in early 80's so grew up middle and highschool in the 90's where plucking your eyebrows super thin was a thing. I had the thin eyebrows and eventually overplucked so much that they never grew back. I have very few hairs, and where they will grow back is where I do not want them, it grows back right above my eyelid where I would initially want gone. So I have no eyebrows basically. I have tried so many products and don't really have one I like or would repeatedly use, it has just been pencils and monthly things of trying to find a good or right product. I had some good experiences with certain powders and pomade ones, but some were so expensive. So, here I found this, it has the wax that I first use to put on my brow in the shape that I want, I then pick out of the lighter or darker brown shade of powderthat I want to use and put that over the wax which helps the powder stick and stay on my face. It comes with a good brush too, the last product I got the brush was too small. This one is just right. I literally finish my brows in 3 minutes or less! I will continue to buy this from now on!
  • Like: how the colors present- very natural. And it comes in a dark and light tone, so you can do a light color in the inside brow line and darker one the outside line. The grooming wax it comes with is perfect for a pliable shaping to apply/create your brow.Dislike: the stencils are a joke, atleast in the sense of using them with that brush. Maybe I'll try getting a pencil and outlining and then using the set. If that works then I'd broadly us a stiffer wax or gel for the final look! :)
  • I like this product it works well for me and not too over the top or too thick eyebrows
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  • 3 Stencils Included
  • A complete kit for expertly shaping, grooming, and defining your brows
  • Two different colored brow powders
  • Brow wax
  • Shades can be blended for a natural match
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