Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Eye Liner - REVIEW

  • I didn’t believe it would work but this eyeliner does last most of the day and night( work then going out).
  • I got this on sale and forgot I ordered it.I tried it for the first time and shockingly it’s one of the best eyeliners I’ve ever used.Usually I order all my makeup and beauty products from the designer beauty supply stores and pick based off reviews.I will now keep ordering this eyeliner exclusively as it has improved on my prior products.Usually eyeliners don’t fully coat the area where you draw the liner resulting in needing to go back over the line several times to get a solid black line.I highly recommend trying this product.
  • Silver haired beauties..just buy the GRAY.It is lovely.It is light, (but still gives definition).It is not obvious that your using liner and it is EASY to apply!Best I have ever found, color and substance.I have white hair and I'm in my middle 70's.Too much makeup looks ridiculous on me.I tend to a more conservative natural look and this product nails it!
  • I love grey eyeliner for day wear, and this is the best I’ve ever found. Precise, easy to apply, huge fan.
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