Nefertari 100% Natural Egyptian Eyeliner in Powder Form, Handmade Eyeliner - REVIEW

  • This does exactly what it is supposed to do, and in a way that is 100% not harmful to your eyes
  • Just got this tonight and I had to try it! Luckily I came back to watch a video and some instructions for it, as they didn't give that much information, but I also don't use makeup that often! First off, I love the bottle it comes in, very cute! Also, the reviews are not wrong this stuff does not come off, I tried to since I made a mess the first time, but even after washing my face it stayed on! So you can look at that as a positive or negative but I was amazed! Quick tip, since it can smudge (also if you just make a small mistake) just use a facial oil to get it off! Worked beautifully! I'm excited to see what it looks like the next day.
  • It does get everywhere. The wand could be thinner. A metal applicator would be better.
  • I’ve been searching for this eyeliner since visiting family in Germany.It’s so chic, perfectly natural & exquisitely made by this company.I kept seeing it going out of stock, now I know why.The company does quickly restock.It never made sense to me to have this in a brass container, defeats the purpose of metal free.
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  • Nefertari 100% Natural eyeliner is a traditional Egyptian eyeliner “KOHL“ in powder form made from 100% natural gum smug.
  • Nefertari eyeliner is 100% lead-free and 100% harmless to the eyes In fact you don’t even need to remove it from the eyes before going to bed.
  • It does not cause an allergy to the eyes.
  • Ingredients: 100% Natural extra virgin olive oil & plant gum
  • 100% Natural Handmade eyeliner.
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