JOAH Lash UPrising Mascara, Washable, Volumizing & Lengthening, Cruelty-Free K-Beauty Makeup, Blackest Black - REVIEW

  • Yes, I like it. My lashes look longer. I had began to think I didn’t have lashes and now you can see them
  • This was a new brand for me, and I’m not disappointed. The brush has a nice thick yet soft coat of bristles. My lashes don’t look clumpy, they look very natural. A+
  • It goes on thick so what I do is use this, then my metal comb, then mascara, then comb again. Perfect.
  • This mascara makes for full, beautiful, long lashes. When applied closely to the lash root, it doubles as an eyeliner at the water line. This technique is especially helpful for older women as dark eyeliner is aging.
  • Before I got this I could not get the tips Of my eyelashes to keep mascara on them. But now my Mascara stays on all day all night great stuff.
  • I was not so sure I needed a primer and thought it would be a waste of money and time, but I tried it anyway.Boy I was wrong! This stuff is great and really makes my mascara pop after I apply this first.Great stuff!
  • I’m in my early 50’s and in addition to slight eyelash thinning, my lashes no longer hold a curl. I’ve used heated curlers, many different brands of regular curlers, mascaras, primers, you name it. And within about 20 minutes after applying my lashes would be back to stick straight. I’ve even had a couple of lash lifts - huge mistake - looks great for 2 to 3 weeks and then my lashes look kind of crazy and wonky and bendy, going in every different direction, definitely very unnatural, not receptive to mascara. Won’t do those again!So now I’m using a shu uemura curler and this great mascara. I curl, then apply this mascara, I can put on a couple of coats to build volume and my lashes stay curled! No falling into stick straight little spider legs. I like a natural but ‘full’ look, and I’m able to get it with this product. It’s water resistant, and does not flake into my eyes (I wear contacts). I remove with an oil cleanser at night when I double cleanse. I’d definitely recommend this product, especially if you have a problem with keeping your lashes curled!
  • This mascara from the first coat you'll notice the difference. It really makes lashes look longer. It never smudged on me, and it stayed on for hours also easy to remove. I will purchase again.
  • I was so distraught with my results with ANY mascara I used. It never looked good no matter what brand or promise on the package, the results were awful on me. This primer, changed everything. When I apply this primer it goes on so fast and easy, separates my lashes, doesn't clump, and then it doesn't matter what mascara I use _ it will quickly "attach to" the primer lashing out my eyelashes with length & volume!! So effortlessly! The results are totally from the primer _ no work from me. This stuff is awesome. I love it!
  • I purchased this eyelash primer because as the day goes by my mascara becomes runny. I applied one coat of this primer and let it dry then I applied my mascara, and I have to say it made a huge difference. My eyelashes looked longer, and the mascara on the entire day without getting smudging around my eyes!! I was able to easily wash it off with with my everyday face scrub. It was actually easier to wash it off than before I started using this primer. I think it’s a great product and I plan to continue using it from now on because it made a big difference!
  • This mascara is the best! I have problems with other mascaras, even the expensive ones holding the curl in my lashes and making them droop. This mascara holds a curl, lengthens, and creates volume.It’s easily removed with baby oil or mascara remover. It’s also cruelty free which is a must for me!
  • This has saved my lashes. It makes them appear longer and fuller. I love this stuff.
  • For 9 dollars are you kidding me?! I am very much a high end mascara girly. Somehow I got a sample of this and thought “dang this is really good”. Looked it up on Amazon and it’s cheap too?! A wiiiiiiiiin
  • makes my eyelashes so long, and gives so much volume and does not come off when you wash it off. It comes off in chunks and does not smear down your face.
  • I have been buying Joah mascara for a while now and I have always had to go through the Kiss website until I decided to check Amazon on a whim and was so happy to see it here!
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  • Washable Volumizing Mascara: This revolutionary high-impact lash extending mascara features a volume-maximizing brush to precisely coat and condition your lashes with our long-lasting mascara formula. Say hello to all-day volume, length, and lift!
  • Free of parabens and phthalates; cruelty free
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