Tattoo Cover Up, Tattoo Concealer Makeup Waterproof and Natural-looking, Body Concealer Makeup for Covers Tattoos, Scar, Dark Spots, Birthmarks and Vitiligo - REVIEW

  • My fiance struggle's with sleep apnea and light snoring. Since starting to mouth taping he is waking up feeling rested and we think it’s due to the decrease in snoring.
  • It keeps me from breathing through my mouth when I sleep. Good product of the price.
  • My first package disappeared. Within three days the seller has a replacement on my porch. I will use them again. I’m very happy with them.
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  • COVER UP BLEMISHES - Makeup that covers tattoos isn't just for covering up tattoos you don't want to show, it can cover up scars, birthmarks, vitiligo, and more.
  • NATURAL-LOOKING - Our upgraded version tattoo concealer kit includes both light and dark concealers, so you can tailor the concealer that works best for your skin tone to create flawless skin.
  • SIMPLE AND QUICK - Adjust the concealer color you want and dab it on the area you want to cover for an instant, quick and effective coverage.
  • WATERPROOF AND SWEATPROOF - Apply concealer to blemishes and wait a few seconds for it to form a thin film for a waterproof and sweatproof effect. You can sweat or swim in the summer without worrying about your concealer falling off.
  • WIDELY APPLICABLE - Our tattoo concealer can be used for face concealer and body concealer. Meanwhile, whether it is daily concealer or important places to create perfect their needs we can meet. It also applies to all men and women.
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