Violet Spray Tan Solution - LUXE No. 9 Medium Depth - Quart - REVIEW

  • Hands down the best self tanner. No horrid smell like the others out there, you can shower and it wont all come off like the others either. I got the pump bottle and mit and apply it. A huge bottle that will last too. Doesnt streak and orange like other products either.
  • Natural tan color, no orange or streaking. I add to a foaming mousse bottle that I have & use a mitt to apply. Will definitely re-purchase.
  • I have gotten so many compliments on this tan. We got a machine a few months ago and I have been trying to find a good tan and I love this. It has purple undertones so it isn’t orange or green
  • i love the way this turned out. natural looking color.not orange at all and not too dark. even just using a misting spray bottle and mitt, no streaks.
  • I’ve been spraying myself for years and this is my favorite tanning solution. I’m normally very pale. A light coat of this makes me look normal (two light coats if I want to look super tan) and typically lasts for about a week. I’ve never had issues with dripping or blotchy-ness. It dries quicker than other solutions.I spray myself about once per week and my friends as needed and this bottle will easily last me a year.
  • I would've given this 5 stars because it has a truly natural beautiful color that lasts a full 7 days before fading but the dry time for this solution is hours! And everytime I think it's dry, I stain everything my skin touches from clothes to seats to other people and on & on. I've tried standing in front of fans, heaters, etc but it just doesn't dry. If I had a day to just be at home without company & without leaving this would be the perfect tanning solution.
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