Christina 12 Pack False Eye Lashes Style 43 - REVIEW

  • I just wish they made this exact style a bit thicker! I end up taking two pairs and doubling them up for thickness. But I love that there is no band at the base of the lashes…it makes them look natural!
  • I absolutely love these eyelashes are very lightweight. They look very natural easy to put on and they look great.
  • I’ve been wearing false eyelashes daily for 20 years and these are hands down the best. Thin strip so they’re light, perfect length for every day use. When I want to make them pop I cut a second pair in half and glue them on top of the first pair in the outer corner. Versatile and seriously wonderful.
  • These eyelashes are identical to the ones I have been using for 10 years but for less than half the cost! I will keep buying these unless they go up in price as well.
  • I wear the 'full Tammy Faye', as someone called it, on a daily basis.I don't use a lot of 'drugstore' beauty products, so when I started wearing lashes I began with the expensive brands. (I don't mean to sound like a snob, I just *love* makeup!)I have worn lashes as expensive as $50 a set.I've tried magnetic lashes, individuals, DIY name it.I bought 'Christina #43' on a whim, and it has been my daily go-to for years now.The band is clear, so you don't have to cover it with a panda-eye to blend it in.The 3/4 length is perfect to keep it from digging into either corner of your eye.The tapering lashes from the inner to outer edges make the lashes look a little more believable, if that makes sense.While they feel a bit dramatic the first time you wear them, they have become my daily look, and now I feel like I don't have makeup on unless I have this set of lashes.I get one week out of every set, with careful cleaning and storage.You may be able to get more time, that is just my preference.At this price, they are a STEAL!Around $1.50 for a week's worth of wear?You can't beat that.You can also stash an extra pair in your handbag or at work for emergencies and not miss the money.Trust me.You need these.
  • I’ve been using these for years, they’re light weight, but gives your eyes the perfect flirtatious look.
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