Wismee Scar Wax(1.6 Oz) Special Effects Makeup Kit Modeling Putty Wax Set with Spatula Tool Cosmetics Mixer Professional Movies Halloween Stage Fake Scar Wound Skin Wax Suitable for Darker Skin Tones - REVIEW

  • I show you a picture of the burn, but because it is so realistic, in part to a combination of this product in conjunction w some others, that it could be very disturbing for some. Suffice it to say, this product is easy to use, mold, form and adhere to where you want it to and how it should appear for a realistic appearance.
  • I've actually been using this to fill in a pitted scar on my forehead. The tool it comes with it perfect to get the right amount to fill in and for me I was able to make it look natural with or without makeup
  • I made a nose that looked real and my head was upside down for Halloween!
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  • LOOK LIKE REAL: This versatile synthetic skin wax is developed as a substitute for traditional Modeling Wax. More pliable and easier to accomplish finer details than traditional Modeling Wax. Better smooth the edges of prosthetic pieces and for blocking out eyebrows or adding features to characters for performances. This kin wax brings your imagination to life by creating better details.
  • STAINLESS STEEL SPATULA TOOL: Equipped with a dedicated high quality stainless steel makeup mixer to help you create a variety of scary fake wounds.There are flat heads and pointed double heads to meet your different needs.
  • WIDE APPLICATIONS AND OCCASSIONS: Use this synthetic wax to create cuts, warts, and other molded shapes Prosthetics like eyebrows or create knife, gunshot wounds, bullet wounds, bruises, burns, broken limbs. Have fun on Halloween party, Fancy Dress, Carnivals, Fun Themed Party, Festival or TV program special effects, costume and cosplay, daily prank etc.
  • NEXT TO SKIN FEEL: This skin wax offers next to skin feel that you might forget about your shocking appearance. (This skin wax is suitable for people with darker skin tones.)
  • 【SPECIAL NOTE】: 1.When shaping, use a spatula instead of hands to carve wax on the skin, because the warmth of the hands makes the wax softer and softer and harder to sculp. 2.Since skin wax is different from general daily concealer and other cosmetic products, it is a special makeup cosmetic, used for film and television performances and stage makeup special effects, so it is not recommended for covering tattoos.
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