Go Ho Liquid Latex SFX Makeup(1 oz),Halloween Monster Zombie Special Effects Makeup For Scar Cut Wound Peeling Skin Wrinkles Stipples Burns Blisters,Light Flesh - REVIEW

  • Looks fantastic.Easy as pie to use. Buildable, realistic as can be. Awesome product. Great company. Buy it!
  • This is my first time using liquid latex and am glad I found it here
  • Idk how cool it would been. Because my house burned down the day after they came
  • This liquid latex worked great for the price. Sealed the scar wax I used completely and dried clear.
  • I use this latex to cover my resin art to add a top coat. Works well
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  • Smooth and Stretched:Consistent and solid,not too watery or too dense.Stays in place for hours.Will not crack.Easily to get the most realistic looks.When it dried,it shrinks a little bit to create a second skin feeling.Can be used for old age,burns,monster/zombie skin,also can seal scar wax as a skin glue.
  • Safe and Non-toxic:Made with safe and natural materials.It is vegan and safe to apply on the skin.It doesn't clog pores and allows the skin to breathe.NOTE:Liquid latex needs to be used layer by layer. After one layer dries, another layer is added. It dries fast, and then another layer is applied. Newcomers need to learn how to use it.If you want more, we recommend that you choose our 2 oz liquid latex with a large capacity.
  • Versatile:Creating special effects like aged skin,peeling skin,cuts,wounds,scars,burns,blisters,wrinkles,stipples,blisters,bald cap.Used with fibres(like cotton or tissue) to creat 3D effects.Perfect for monster,zombie Halloween,cosplay,prosthetics make up.
  • Easy on and Off:Shaking it well before using.Use a disposable wedge sponge or q-tip for apply.After finished,Use finish powder to keep it from sticking together and ripping.For removal,soaked in hot water and gently peel it away.Use Vaseline or baby oil for better remove.
  • Attention:1.Perform a spot test on the skin before use to ensure you are NOT ALLERGIC to latex.If the skin becomes red, swollen and/or irritated then gently remove the latex, wash with soap and water and discontinue use.2.Avoid eyes, mouth, and hair.Better to shave the area you will apply or put some body lotion on,or it may ripping out your body hair when remove.3.It has a rather potent smell,so recommend using it in a well-ventilated area.Use a hairdryer to dry it more quickly.
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