Dark Grey Face Paint Stick (0.76Oz) Non-Toxic Oil Based Face Makeup Body Paint Stick High Pigmented Body Paint Stick Makeup Caryons for Halloween Special Effect Sfx Makeup - REVIEW

  • This face stick is awesome! It is creamy and glides on nicely. It is great for showing support to your favorite team who sports orange or even using it for Halloween! It stays on nicely but cleanse off easily.
  • I was so surprised to see how rich this color stick was on my skin! Perfect if you’re a sports fan with orange team colors! You will need to remove it with makeup remover — as you can see just wiping it off doesn’t get rid of it.
  • I'm not a makeup artist or anything. That's why I just bought this pink stick to go on a blusher, because I got a blusher once from a news anchor, and I loved how it had the wide stick (like this one) so I could use it as blusher, or highlight under my chin to make it look sharper than it is. That's what you've gotta do when you're older, ladies! Start using some highlight sticks to fight what gravity is laying down! Anyway, now that I look good, I'm hoping that the color will wash or rub off by evening. Don't want to buy special product to remove it, and I've never had acne, so I don't want it to clog my pores either. I'll let you know how it goes! But for right now, it looks good on and it was easy to apply. Very happy.
  • Got this makeup for one of our kids for Halloween and it worked great.The coverage was awesome and it didn't make my daughter's skin itch (with her eczema that can be a challenge).We put it all over her face, neck, ears and arms.We didn't use the applicator brushes (but my wife commandeered them for her makeup and said they were great) because we were covering such a large surface area.We just rolled and rolled all over, then my wife rubbed it all in with her hands to smooth it out.Was it messy? Yup.Was it effective?Also yup.I'm sure people who go to clubs and aren't ancient and in bed by 9 like me could use this makeup for other purposes, but for us it was a great Halloween makeup stick.We didn't even use it all up so we can use it again next year.Great product.
  • I’m a terrible artist and this was the first year I tried to paint my face for Halloween. It was easy and well made and no itching or tightness and went on easily. Def recommend
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  • OIL-BASED —— Face Paint Palette:Creamy Texture flawlessly cover the skin;highly pigmented; Easy to spread; you can spread them as thin as you want or pack them as thickly as you want. Friendly to both professionals or beginners.
  • ROTATABLE DESIGN —— It has a lipstick-like appearance, rotating to open, easy to carry. The texture is smooth and delicate, and it fits closely to the skin。(Note: When using the paste, do not unscrew more than 2cm in length, so as not to break.)
  • EASY TO USE & REMOVE—— When using, open the lid, rotate the bottom of the face paint stick to unscrew the paste, and apply it directly on the skin, or use tools such as a face paint brush or sponge to assist in the application. Because this face paint stick is oil based, cleansing oil prefered when you remove the makeup due to it is oil-based instead of water-based。Of course, you can also use ordinary makeup remover products for cleaning, such as makeup remover towel, makeup remover, etc.
  • MORE FUN THAN YOU THINK —— Ideal for creating all kinds of fancy makeup for Campfire Party, Fun Themed Party, Carnivals, Fancy ball, Fancy Dress, Festival Performances, Fiesta, Halloween and other occasions,for cosplay, artistic makeup or special effects stage. Ideal for both professionals and beginners.
  • SPECIAL NOTE —— This product does not test on animal,cosmetics for animal testing is contrary to the PETA organization vision.
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