1PC Apple Super Lash Mascara-Avocado - REVIEW

  • I saw this on a tiktok ad a couple days ago, and I knew I had to get it. My eyelash are the stubborn Asian short eyelashes (even the expensive, or $10 waterproof mascara doesn’t not work, oreven lash primer too they immediately go down.)It’s only the third time using this product, but it’s definitely worth the $5. I curled mines x2 with a tweezer man eyelash curler, and I apply this mascara and that’s it. It works and stays!It’s waterproof. I work as a barista and I move around a lot at work and this one stays up and it looks like I got a lash lift and false lashes but I didn’t, and it doesn’t even fall down after 5 hours.This is a wonderful mascara and I will buy again.
  • Bought this for my little sister because she found it via tik-tok and she absolutely loves the product! Will buy again soon when she runs out!
  • I LOVEEE ITTT, i recommend 10/10. it was long lasting gave me so much volume and it didn’t give me any clumps !
  • i’ve tried so many mascaras until i found this one i’m in love! i seen someone review this on tiktok and i gave it a shot since my lashes are very straight and don’t ever seem to hold curl with any other mascara, this works all day and stays! will definitely be buying again
  • This mascara makes my natural lashes look so pretty. It doesn't get too clumpy but it definitely elongated my lashes. It never flakes or runs which is great for a nonwaterproof mascara. The wand is huge which I wasn't expecting but I think that made the application better. I want to try the other kinds soon to compare.
  • Love this mascara! Gives lashes volume and makes them longer but a bit difficult to take off
  • It's an amazing mascara!! Smells a bit like cucumbers just sweeter so if that would bother you I wouldn't recommend it however it holds a curl great and gives me so much volume!!
  • As a person with chronic straight lashes that has spent a lot of money trying to find the perfect mascara that wouldn’t cause my lashes to go back straight after applying mascara, I have finally found one that works. It isn’t clumpy, and the applicator is amazing. It does have an odd smell, but it’s fine and tolerable. Kind of smells like a car dealership.
  • The only mascara that keeps my lashes curled. Been using since I was a teenager in Mexico. It’s a staple there for a good reason.
  • Loved this mascara. It works great for my straight lashes. Love the smell. Holds the curl !
  • It does the job! amazing price. just clumpy, so don’t over apply. I feel like it’s good for my lashes because they’ve gotten longer? Looks natural
  • I've tried dozens of mascaras in my day and this is by far the best. Usually only waterproof mascara keeps the curled look of my eyelashes but this is the only non-waterproof one I've tried that doesn't go flat all day. The large wand is a bit intimidating—very easy to mess up and get product on the eyelid but it's worth it to have them looking so good at the end. Removes easily with oil-based remover or micellar water.
  • All the mascaras I’ve tried have never held my lashes up at all. This mascara is the first ever! It’s lasted all day.
  • The media could not be loaded. I was worried that the mascara might be dry, having read some of the reviews. But was pleasantly surprised. I saw this brand when I was younger, happy that I get to try it now. It’s a good size as well. Love how it keeps lashes light and feather like!
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  • Apple Mascara Made in Mexico
  • Una máscara que potencializa el volumen natural de tus pestañas, ayuda a ofrecer una dimensión instantánea y trabajable libre de grumos, define el poder de tu mirada. (Humectación profunda de las fibras naturales de las pestañas, promueve el crecimiento)
  • A mascara that enhances the natural volume of your eyelashes, helps to offer an instant and workable dimension free of lumps, defines the power of your look. (Deep moistening of natural lash fibers, promote growth)
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