HEROINE MAKE by KISSME Smooth Liquid Eyeliner Super Keep Waterproof 03 Brown Black - REVIEW

  • This is the first eyeliner that has lasted an entire day without smudging or wearing off.My eyes are watery, slightly hooded and I tend to have oily skin at times which makes most eyeliners disappear or smudge within a short time.This eyeliner lasts all day and look just the same when I take it off as when I put it on!
  • I have oily monolids so eye products are difficult to achieve longevity with me. However this is super useful it getting that sharp tip or drawing lower lashes. It is harder to draw a wing since it’s so thin (every small mistake shows) I use another liner and then use this to perfect the wing and add lower lash details.
  • What's not to love! Beats its close competitor, Stila, in terms of price and being waterproof. So happy to have found this and Heroine Waterproof Mascara!
  • This contains a chemical banned in American and European cosmetics that was linked to cause cancer. I’m sure the product works great, just something to keep in mind before buying makeup products from overseas.👍
  • I bought this for its rave reviews and found myself wanting a thinner application tip.I bought it as my replacement for another eyeliner that I've had for 3-4yrs. Besides the applicator tip being slightly too big for me, the formula does what it's advertised.Since I don't like to apply too heavy makeup, my oily lids makes it smudge more easily, but when I patch tested on the back of my hand, it didn't wash off even after 3days!I'd consider restocking it if the pen tip was slightly smaller
  • Didn’t really like how it’s washable in water, but so far this eyeliner has lasted me for 5 weeks
  • after trying tons of different black and brown liquid eyeliners, this one is my absolute favourite. it is my second time purchasing this here on amazon and i will definitely continue to do so. i've always used black eyeliner but have grown to like brown a lot more in the past year, it gives brown eyes a really nice pop in my opinion. the ink runs smoothly and evenly, the liner tip is very fine and precise, i highly recommend this brand.
  • I like this liquid eyeliner, but after awhile it does comes off. That’s because I have very oily skin, my sister on the other hand has semi oily/ normal skin, and it stays in the entire day. So try it out if you have semi oily skin normal skin and dry skin:)
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  • 1.WATERPROOF: New super waterproof formula, Super-Keep Polymer, protects lines from tears/ perspiration/ water and oils for beautiful, long-lasting definition.
  • 2.ULTRA-FINE BRUSH TIP FOR EASY STROKES: With ultra-fine brush tip (only 0.1 mm-wide), it allows smooth strokes for precise lash lines and wing flicks.
  • 3.WASHES OFF WITH WARM WATER: It easily washes off with warm water despite the strong water resistance. Facial cleansers (soaps, wipes, etc.) recommended for tough, hard-to-remove lines.
  • 4.CONTAINS BEAUTY ESSENCE INGREDIENTS: Hyaluronic Acid, Collagen, Rosehip Extract (Wild Rose Fruit Extract), Panthenol
  • 5.HOW TO USE: Shake well before use with a cap tightly closed. 1. Apply the liquid eyeliner along the lash line to fill in gaps between eyelashes. 2. Extend the line along the ye curve and move gradually upward to create 'cat-eye'.
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