Pineapple Scent Drops - Sunless Additive - 1oz - REVIEW

  • I use one drop per ounce of my solution. I am a huge sjolie fan. None of their products disappoint. This smells amazing when you spray and leaves the client smelling amazing until they shower. It really takes away the DHA scent. All my clients love it. Highly recommend! They have other scents available on the sjolie website as well!
  • Clients love the smell and I prefer it so much over the normal smell of the solution! So good! I use about 5 drops per full airbrush cartridge
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  • Enhance your clients sunless experience with a pre-blended scent. Add and mix any of our scent drops to your sunless solution prior to applying to your client.
  • WORKS WITH ALL BRANDS - Pineapple Scent is compatible with all premium sunless product lines.
  • Add for clients who prefer an enjoyable tropic scent over the sunless solution scent.
  • Add to those clients who will be on-the-go, post sunless treatment
  • Mask's DHA Odor - Leaves spray room as enjoyable smell, get rid of those BAD DHA Odors!
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