All in Beauty Henna for Brow Coloring and Tinting, Made from Natural and Harmless Ingredients, Tint your Brows, Long Lasting and Waterproof (Dark Brown) - REVIEW

  • Great!! First time trying henna and it came out amazing. I bought the henna and activator before buying all the extra stuff (scrub, primer, etc) and it still came out so great would definitely recommend!
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  • Henna Brow Color and Tint: gives your brows an amazing and natural color, with full gray coverage.
  • Developed from Natural and Harmless Ingredients: made from the highest quality native Indian henna plants, free of harsh chemicals, this product is ideal for sensitive skin.
  • Long Lasting and Waterproof: the color on the eyebrows lasts 20-30 days and on the skin for at least two weeks.
  • Adds volume and body to your brows: Ideal for accentuating your natural features by tinting and shaping your brows.
  • Does not cause any type of allergic reactions like other brands on the market. Available in a variety of shades and you can mix and match to customize the color.
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