Black 32 Oz - Liquid Latex Body Paint, Ammonia Free No Odor, Easy On and Off, Cosplay Makeup, Creates Professional Monster, Zombie Arts - REVIEW

  • The media could not be loaded. Used to coat upholstery foam for lizard feet. An odd sentence, I'm sure. Once it's on something porus don't expect to get it off. Very easy to use however use a junk paintbrush cause it gets all over the paintbrush and won't come off.
  • We used this as an underlayer for black light paint. A little goes a long way, I got the 32oz container but could have easily used one of the smaller bottles.It stinks and looks grey when applying but darkens when dry. I think it worked well in making the black light paint "pop" more.Comes off fairly well in the shower and easy enough to wipe out of the tub dump. It does not return to liquid when washing off so that's a plus for your plumbing.We plan on trying the white uv latex next.
  • Watered down (good or bad, depending on how you wish to use product) Prefer thicker formula for better color coverage.
  • First time doing latex and it worked really well. With a tarp and some paint brushes its easy to apply for beginners
  • You get this on your carpet...You’re in a world of 💩.I LOVE THIS STUFF!PRO:-Easy to remove-Easy application (Use a Silicon blending makeup thingy)-Easy clean up-Awesome aesthetics-Can wear clothes over it once dry-Great for makeshift horns (as seen in the second photo).-If you get creative you can have loads of fun with this stuff.CON:-If you are hairy like me... It’ll be painful to remove without barrier spray.-Let me reiterate... IF YOU GET THIS ON YOUR CARPET YOU ARE GOING TO CRY. This stuff will not wash out, remove off of, or peel off of fabric. Once it’s on... it’s on.- (not a con, but I feel it needs to be said)Like fabric, do not get this in your hair or eyebrows. It won’t come out and you will have to shave it out.
  • Get sponge brushes or dabbing sponges. First heavy coat can be brushed, added coats will liquify and smear the previous coat if brushed.The smell goes away as soon as it’s dry. 15 seconds with a hair dryer to make the smell go:) then let sit for 3.Cleans off easily once dried.Going to try it on my motorcycle next!
  • I used this product to paint a latex head piece, not my skin and it worked great. Paining latex masks etc are a pain, but this worked great!
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  • ✅ Easy Application & Removal: This black latex body paint is easy to apply and it comes off fast too! You simply have to skin it off your skin or rinse with fulsome lukewarm water.
  • ✅ The Perfect Party Accessory: This black liquid latex makeup is the ideal accessory to spice up your next party, the festival, photoshoot, or night-out. For both amateurs and professionals.
  • ✅ Suitable For Multiple Occasions: Body Makeup Paints for Party is paramount for general costume creation. Use it for drama, school plays, cosplays, dress-up, carnivals, and more! For make-up face painting or full-body painting.
  • ✅ Safe For Skin: Our liquid latex Halloween makeup has been tried and tested and will not cause damage or reactions, even on sensitive skin. You can utilize it on your face, hands, or body.
  • ✅ Color Your face & Body: Let the party begin! Very easy- and safe to use! Be your artwork, everybody will look at it! Be astonished by those exquisite magical color effects you can design on your body.
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