Arches & Halos Bristle Tip Pen - For Full, Bold, More Defined Brows - Long-lasting, Smudge Proof, Pigmented Color - Vegan and Cruelty Free Makeup - Sunny Blonde - REVIEW

  • Looks like a professional tattoo. So glad I foud this product. Changed my whole face!
  • I purchased nyx auburn eyebrow ink pen and this pen made my eyebrows green but this pen is a true auburn. It Did not make my eyebrowsgreen. I'm 50 plus I'm able to use this pen with ease. Yes, it is waterproof and smudge proof you have to make sure to remove oil from brows. I have sleep with the eyebrows pen on my eyebrows and woke up with eyebrows still filled. Please don't stop making this color. Great buy.
  • Finally found a eyebrow tint that works exactly as stated. Stays on and does not smug.
  • First off, the color I purchased was called Mocha Blonde. I usually wear a dark brown, chocolate, or even espresso shade in various other brows are naturally fairly dark even though my hair is light/medium brunette. I have absolutely never worn a "blonde" brow shade in my life but based on previous reviews and swatches it seemed that Mocha Blonde was actually pretty dark, so I bought it. It is ever so slightly too "warm", but it still works for me. So, if you are actually looking for a true blonde shade - steer clear of Mocha Blonde, it is definitely more of a medium to semi-dark brunette shade.Thanks to a hormone imbalance and over-plucking during my teen years, I have minimal real brow hair left (I have about 50% natural brow on right side, 25% on left). Therefore, I use brow pens and pencils daily and rely on them to a large degree. The pen itself has good color payoff. The tip isn't quite as fine as some of the other brow pens I've tried, but it also isn't the worst I've ever tried, either. It does not smudge once dried, and I was able to wear it for several days without doing much touch up. However - it is NOT water resistant in any way! I cannot express this enough!Most of my favorite brow pens get slightly messed up once damp, but I am typically able to get them *slightly* wet (like say, if it starts sprinkling outside and I don't have an umbrella). I took a shower this morning and didn't even put my face in the water at all, a few drops just managed to splash up onto my face...and it looked like my brows were crying brown tears! Literally, it looked like what happens when you cry for an hour with non-waterproof mascara, brown streaks were dripping off my eyebrows everywhere and it was hideous.The weird thing is, once you actually scrub the eyebrows to remove the pen, it leaves a patchy stain behind, so they are actually kind of hard to totally remove and have good staying power...yet slide down your face when wet. It was unlike anything I've ever experienced from any other brow product.Bottom line: I really like this pen, and will continue to use it. However, I will make sure I scrub my brows thoroughly before showering and I'll just 100% draw them back on after drying off (I'm usually too lazy to start with a clean slate daily, I like to just do daily touch ups whenever possible).
  • The eyebrow liner works well.It goes on nicely and evenly.Lasts all day.I have tried many different eyebrow pencils and this one is my favorite one.It does not smudge.It is somewhat waterproof.Perfect eyebrows everytime.
  • I absolutely love this brown pen. It DOES NOT come off easily. It stays put all day. The fine tip gives precision so you can draw individual hairs. No product compares and I’ve tried a lot. The lighter colors are fantastic for fake freckles too!
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  • PERFECTLY DEFINE YOUR BROWS. Arches & Halos Bristle Tip Pen is a water based pen that is used to fill in brows and leave them looking fuller and bold
  • PRECISELY DRAW ON YOUR BROWS. With a firm tip, the smudge proof pen makes it easy to precisely draw on brows - giving you your desired eyebrow look
  • LONG-LASTING FORMULA. With a long-lasting formula, the bristle tip pen will last for up to 24 hours, so you don't have to worry about your makeup look fading
  • VEGAN AND CRUELTY FREE. This product is created using a vegan formulation, is ophthalmologist & dermatologist tested, hypoallergenic, cruelty free and leaping bunny approved
  • FOR ALL YOUR EYEBROW NEEDS. Co-Founded by master celebrity eyebrow stylist, Tonya Crooks, Arches & Halos is dedicated to providing all women simple and easy to use eyebrow grooming, shaping and coloring tools and tips
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