Mehron Makeup Special Effects Powder (2.8 oz) (Charred Ash) - REVIEW

  • This stuff is incredible. Love to use it to cover large areas. It is messy and will get everywhere! Amazing coverage though. I use it mainly on my neck and around my eyes.
  • Gotta be careful with how much is on a brush because it gets thick quick but its got really nice stay and really nice color
  • This powder is very easy to apply and it spreads very easily on the skin. Be sure to use a brush because it does smear and it will mess up your makeup if you’re trying to do a special look. I recommend a small eye brush as a little goes a very long way. This powder works very well for the skin and lips. It is easily enough to remove with makeup wipes, but like any black makeup it does leave a little bit of residue if you don’t scrub good. Overall it’s very worth the price as it comes in a large container that will last me a lifetime lol.
  • The container is much larger than I expected...far more than I'll ever use for makeup application alone, but it'll also get used for distressing costumes and props (it'll make a nice addition to using Fullers Earth powder).A little goes a long way. I mixed some into the Mehron mixing liquid to create a slurry to aid in spreading it around. Works well and you get alot of coverage using a very small amount.Seriously, unless you're dressing an entire army of extras for a film shoot, this container will outlast your life.Good stuff.
  • As a makeup artist I use this on for specific shoots when I need my client filthy without physically rolling them around in the dirt
  • As a pastor, I used this for Ash Wednesday.It worked great for making the mark on both the forehead and hand.I will use it every year.A little goes a long way - and no need to worry about mixing palm ash and oil.(And the congregation was none the wiser...shhhh).
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  • An ultrafine, loose powder used for cosmetic dirt effects
  • Finely processed, clump-free and moisture-absorbing
  • May be mixed with Mixing Liquid to form a muddy or oily consistency
  • To apply with an airbrush, mix powder and Mixing Liquid to a thin consistency
  • Proudly Made in the USA since 1927
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