Ardell Faux Mink Individuals Short Black - REVIEW

  • I've tried to use false eyelashes many times and just couldn't to it I was able to put these on with no problem. They looked so natural I didn't feel embarrassed to go out. They stayed on the whole day, even when my eyes started watering from allergies. One of the girls at he party asked where I got them and she is getting a set too.
  • Yes! I’m liking those. They are subtle and more comfortable to wear than the other trio flares and most importantly easy to peel from the tape (so much better than the other boxes where it became almost impossible to extract the lashes without destroying them.) They look very natural too. I like the short size since I have droopy eyelids. Will repurchase when finished with the boxes.
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  • Discreet Faux Lash Fit: No knots and buds here. Enjoy a seamless, invisible fit with these Ardell Individual Falsies! Do you want to be queen for a day? Use the Ardell Faux Mink Individuals - Short with your favorite strip lash glue for an all-day glam lash look - without a trip to the salon. Want a longer-lasting fit? put on your Ardell Individuals with your individual lash adhesive of choice for up to 2 weeks of gorgeous lash goodness!
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