Babe Original Babe Lash Mascara - Smudge Proof, Long Lasting & No Clump Formula, Buildable Volume, Water Resistant, Dramatic Black - REVIEW

  • I wish I had taken a before and after! I’ve been using this along with the lash serum for a few weeks and I have NOTICEABLE length and thickness. I’m so impressed. I had stick straight lashes, and now they curl and have length!
  • Just got my Babe Lash mascara. I like the way it goes on so smoothly, with no clumping. I really love ❤️ how wide the wand is and how it showcases my lashes.
  • Product is OK, goes on smoothly, slightly clumpy but can be brushed out.runs down your face when crying or rained on.Price is a little high.
  • This mascara has a curved wand. It was ok the first 2 weeks. Now, after 3 weeks, the mascara flakes and clumps.It flakes immediately; first eye has black flakes before the second eye gets finished. I will not order this again.Too bad.I had high hopes.I love the Brow Serum and the Lash Serum.UPDATE 1 - Babe Originals reached out to me, and will be sending another tube of the mascara.This is good customer service and attention to brand value. (plus 1 star)I'll update again, when I've used the new mascara for 3 weeks.
  • Babe is awesome! Love the black. Goes on well and no clumps. Length and volume
  • This isn’t waterproof but doesn’t leave big black smudges when wet. It’s great for a lengthening and thickened look and holds all day! I was so sick of reapplying before an evening out or black smudges at the end of a long day. I won’t use anything else now!
  • I honestly love this mascara I think it’s the best mascara I’ve usedim a natural redhead and it looks perfect
  • Lengthens lash in one application with a natural finish. I purchased the smaller of the two offered to give it a try and will definitely order the larger next time.
  • I wear this as a base for mascara and then use the lash serum at night. My lashes have never been thicker and healthier looking.
  • I like this mascara.It goes on easily, doesn't clump.So far it hasn't been flaking at the end of the day.
  • Not clumpy at all and makes my lashes look like lashes are there without the gross effect this is my new fav mascara I hope it helps the health of my lashes haven’t had it too long to know if it helps that or not
  • This mascara was pretty good. It says no clump, there was subtle clumpage, but nothing major. It goes on easily, and stays on well throughout the day. It definitely added volume and length to my lashes. The bristles are slender and tapered.
  • Good mascara, but mine came a bit dried up, not sure if it’s supposed to be like that, but I’m still able to apply on my lashes
  • I like product but like any other brands u have to apply often to get good results.I don’t like to use every day or night. Because I noticed my eyelids get a somewhat darkness on eyelids
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