Bloody Mary Mascara - REVIEW

  • Eh. It’s what I expected. Good color but not great. Better than the other options on here though. Took a few Applications to show up and wasn’t super obvious, which is what I was going for.
  • Was the only white mascara I could fine for my Halloween costume and it works AWESOME
  • i use this often for faerie costumes or colorful makeup looks. has good shock value and a magical look. can be a bit hard to get off, but it’s not going anywhere while it’s on your lashes.
  • I bought for a friend who does cosplay and she loves it! Said it’s the best!
  • Pleasantly surprised by the quality of this mascara. I will definitely be buying more and wear this more often
  • Love this product!! Makes me lashes look full and is very pigmented!! Mostly stays all day but does wear away a little bit. But I love it!!
  • (Pictured: 1) first layer with mascara next to eye without mascara. 2&3) two layers on upper lashes, one on lower lashes, with white in my waterline) Wow. Just. WOW. I have very dark eyelashes, but I wanted to do something fun for Halloween. So I thought I’d give this product a try! AND I AM. STUNNED. Sincerely. Give this a buy. It’s remarkable.
  • Its not easy finding a white mascara. We used to get one from Anna Sui but haven't been able to find it, maybe its not a popular item. Purchased for my daughter she is happy with it.
  • Great coverage -- I was worried about that.It was a fresh product and was shipped with care and some nice swag!Many thanks!Very satisfied!!
  • It works well. It took a few layers for it to really show up though. Good for my nagito cosplay.
  • Was looking for something for a winter fairy look for the fall/winter (Halloween & winter). Works MUCH better than the primer I had.
  • I couldn't find white mascara... AT ALL. There was nothing other than lash primer. I ended up finding this and I thought it was expensive for mascara. I only ended up buying it because I wanted to be more adventurous with my makeup. Well it payed off!It's not too clumpy and its easy to get off.
  • I have black hair and eyelashes. This actually covers and give me white eyelashes. 4 stars because it isn't waterproof and will flake throughout the day, so you need to have it with you for reapplication. But still a great buy.
  • Good for strange or just alternative makeup looks. Love how it looks paired with white eyeliner.
  • It work's really well and is easy to take off. Im still learning how to use makeup well but this product worked well for me. If i use to many layers it doesnt look to clumpy like other mascaras. As a white mascara it is great at covering my eyelash color (black. Like midnight black) and doesnt take a ton of layers to look white. Overall i like this product. Didnt realize it was lengthening till i got it which was a nice discovery.
  • I will never go back to black mascara, I’ve literally been using this mascara as regular mascara now whenever I leave the house, it really gives that more unique fxck societies standards, witchy goth vibe my style is all about, and your brand seems to be the only brand that makes white mascara! I will say the only downside is after about 6 hours or so it does seem to get less white as the hours go by so that sucks but all in all I love this mascara!
  • Been wearing this for weeks and each time ive had no problem with it, will definitely buy more in the future and i highly recommend buying from them, legit and very comfortable to use
  • Hi ! I was looking for a good white mascara and this was the only one I could find, oddly. I thought I’d give it a try and I love it. It’s the perfect color to put on just to spice up your look. It’s not everyone’s favorite but I definitely get a lot of compliments just because it is very noticeable. If you’re wearing a mask and need a way to pop, this is the way to go.
  • Product does what it needs to but it does dry out quickly.I have very dark brown eyebrows and eyelashes. As you can see in the photo it did turn them white and it washed out easily.
  • I ordered this for my teen. She Has wanted to try a white mascara look so right after she got it she put it on! It’s a good consistency for applying and has good coverage. It was a big hit! She loves it!
  • I absolutely love this product. It’s great quality and the colour is very opaque. It looks wonderful
  • This is an absolute game changer! I'm a cosplayer and one of my friends recommended this product for coloring my eyebrows to match my wigs. I have really dark eyebrows so the glue stick method didn't really work for me, but this mascara works! I put the mascara on then I take some eyebrow to color them. I wish I would've had this years ago!
  • The media could not be loaded. i love love love this mascara. it stays on all day and there is hardly any fallout. it’s a really beautiful touch to my daily regimen! however, if you apply the mascara and you want to use an eyelash curler, please please wait 1-2 minutes, otherwise the product gets stuck on the pad and there’s a gap of your natural eyelashes and the white mascara.
  • This mascara was exactly what we needed to complete the Mad Hatter makeup. It went on smoothly and held up well throughout the night. Came off with makeup remover the next day, but it's definitely thick. Would definitely recommend!
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  • Non Clumping
  • Conditions Eyelashes
  • Long Lasting
  • Water Proof
  • Light Weight
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