BlueSmurfs Upgraded Individual Manga Eyelashes Extensions Fluffy DIY Christmas Eye Cluster Eyelashes Natural Faux Mink False Eye Lashes Multipack of 170 Mini Individuals Fairy Lash Clusters (Include Bottom Lashes) - REVIEW

  • I have been using false lashes and getting extensions for over 15 years now. For reference, I have short, sparse lashes.Pros: These lashes are light, look natural, and don't have that plastic sheen. It looks amazing when you put them on. Easy to apply.Cons: Be careful when you pick them up with tweezers. Always grab them from the root so they don't come apart. Also, these are delicate so reusing them is nearly impossible.All over, great product, perfect for a natural look. Price point is okay, considering that you can't reuse them like strip lashes.
  • I recently tried out some individual false eyelashes, and I must say, I'm impressed! These lashes are a game-changer in my makeup routine.The segmented design makes application a breeze, allowing me to customize the length and volume of my lashes to my liking.One of the things I love about these lashes is how natural they look.The individual lashes blend seamlessly with my natural lashes, creating a fuller, more voluminous appearance without looking overly dramatic. The individual eyelasehs also adhere well to my lash line, staying in place throughout the day without any discomfort.Another great feature of these individual false lashes is that they are reusable. I can easily remove them at the end of the day and clean them for future use.This not only saves me money in the long run, but it alsoreduces waste, which is a huge plus for me as an environmentally-conscious consumer.The versatility of these lashes is also worth mentioning. Depending on the occasion, I can choose to apply just a few lashes for a subtle, everyday look, or layer them up for a moredramatic effect for special events or nights out. The options are endless, and I love how I can switch up my lash game effortlessly.
  • I don't use a lot of false lash strips anymore, but I miss being able to add some drama to my lashes. This has been great. They feel really comfortable and go on pretty easily. I think there's going to be a slight learning curve on this if you're used to a strip, but it really didn't feel difficult. I loved that my lashes came out looking like my own. They were full and had length without feeling heavy or obvious.
  • The eyelashes are light weight and it looks great on, however when picking up the eyelashes with my tweezer, some eyelashes would fall off making it look thinner. It's good but could be more sturdy.
  • I used to get manga individual eyelashes for almost a year, I use false eyelashes daily and I like to wear them for date night, parties, or other special occasions. I have small eyelids and strip lashes take up too much space. I am very particular when it comes to the length and volume of my faux lashes because I want them as natural looking as possible. I have bought many lashes at past, finally I find these individual lashes, I was amazed at their quality, they're so light and natural looking, once I put them on I forgot I had them on! I get tons of compliments on my lashes too asking what I use to get them that long. I think they can suitable for many eyes shapes and easier to apply, I have used to them to create many eyes makeup, like foxy eyes, fairy eyes and manga eyes. I like them very much, I will recommend them to my friends.
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  • BE YOUR OWN EYE MAKEUP ARTIST: Compared with eyelash strips, the tray includes three different lashes, be creative and strong operability, suitable for all shapes eyes. Using with different individual fairy eyelash extensions, you can design your own eye makeup, different from others. For example, take 5 pieces fish tail eyelash extensions, 3 pieces ASHAPE lashes, some lower lashes, you can make a fairy type eye makeup.
  • THE NEW WAY TO LASH - BRING SALON HOME: New upgraded eyelash grafting technology, you can DIY according your need. You can place under your own eyelashes rather than above, the results are beautiful natural looking lashes that are easy to apply and just as easy to remove.
  • KNOTLESS DESIGN FOR BETTER USE: The knot-free tip of False Eye Lashes applies to the top of the lash, not the eyelid, creating a completely natural and seamless application. Each cluster is presented on a tiny, invisible band for easy application, comfortable wear. Knot-free individual lashes are permanently curled, waterproof, very natural lashes. Please remove the cluster lash with tweezers carefully.
  • MULTI STYLES TO MEET YOUR NEEDS: Eye lash extensions adopt advanced faux mink hair-like synthetic fibers, cruelty free and vegan, very soft as mink lash, it can make your eyes look more attractive without burden. You can DIY according your need. Perfect for meetings, office life, daily use, acation, salons, photo shoot, fashion show, dance, wedding, shopping, dating night, girls night, graduation, birthday party, Christmas, Halloween, Valentine's Day, etc.
  • WHAT YOU GET: You'll receive bottom lashes 20 clusters, ASHAPE lashes 80 clusters, FISH-SHAPE lashes 80 clusters. For environmental protection, we don't put glue in it. If you are not satisfied with the eyelashes, please tell us and we will give you the most satisfactory answer. We are happy to help.
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