Boots No7 Stay Perfect Mascara - Black - REVIEW

  • This is my favorite mascara. I can't find it anywhere anymore. So happy I was able to order from Amazon.
  • I like this product and have purchased it twice.It does not give much volume but it does separate the lashes.It does come off with just water but you have to pull some of it off,which is easy.
  • This is the only mascara that does not smear or flake off from my eyelashes. Love it - and I'm a little distressed it is getting difficult to find in stores.
  • This is just as good at a better price than blinc.Brush might even be better. So glad I stumbled on it
  • I started using it when I bought it in the UK and then searched for it on Amazon so I could continue using it. I love the way it washes off with soap and water, just massage gently in the eyelashes and it flakes of like little spider legs but so gentle and you don’t get Panda Eyes underneath and you don’t have to put greasy oily make up remover on your eyes, it’s fabulous !
  • This is a great dupe for the thrive cosmetics mascara, it's actually even better than it! This doesn't smudge on my oily eyelids, it gives me length and volume, and it holds my straight Asian eyelashes all day! I work in the ER and this has never smudged on me and I have to wear my makeup for 12+ hours and this stays on the entire time! It's easy to remove, just with warm water! I highly recommend it, this is one of the best tubing mascaras out there!
  • This mascara has the smoothest application, longest stay power, best non-smudgability, easiest removal, and is CHEAP!I only have a flaking issue when I fall asleep without removing my mascara.Works way better than Thrive Causemetics, blinc, or Too Faced tubing mascara.It's about the same quality as DHC, only cheaper.It's a regular sized tube of mascara; not a mini size, and is a single step.The picture is after 6 hours of working with glasses, and a face mask.Highly recommend!
  • I have used this mascara for years and absolutely love it! But I believe it's discontinued, which is a massive shame in my opinion. It stayed on forever without ever flaking. The wand was nice and small so that you didn't accidentally bump your eyelid.Not easy to remove, but it's waterproof, so that was its job. I sadly have to try and find a replacement that I like as much, which will be tough.
  • If you don’t have many lashes to start with - it won’t build up much.
  • This mascara is a little expensive, but well worth the money. You put a warm cloth on your eyes after wearing it for 30 seconds and the mascara comes right off. No smudging!
  • It’s the only one I can use that doesn’t run down under my eyes!! Love
  • This is one of the original "Tubing" or "Wrapping" mascaras. When applied, it forms a casing around each lash- separating and giving unbelievable volume. I have VERY sensitive eyes, and this hasn't caused me a moment's grief. My all-time fav!
  • This is my favorite tubular mascara. It goes on easily without clumps. It stays on until you take it off with warm water. Doesn’t come off with sweat or at the pool. Doesn’t rub on the pillowcase if I forget to remove it.
  • This is worth every penny.It is a tubing mascara, not a regular mascara so it will never smudge or transfer onto your skin. It dries like flexible rubber (in a good way) and not hard/clumpy even if you apply a zillion coats.It goes on smooth with no clumps and builds onto itself.I’d say it’s more lengthening than volumizing.It stays put all day and cleans off easily with soapy water.Best mascara ever.
  • I like it because it truly does not smudge or go anywhere throughout a full day and night! Probably even overnight. But it does not add any volume and so the lashes are thin, separated spider looking and that doesn't do much for me. BUT, what I learned doing and has been working using this mascara on top of a volumizing mascara. Doesn't smudge or smear. Happy with that. Removal is definitely more rubbing or hot water than I like.
  • I never write reviews! I love this stuff putting on auto delivery immediately and will never not be using it.
  • I have been wearing mascara most of my life due to very blonde/light eyelashes and have been struggling with smudges and raccoon eyes all this time, even with waterproof mascaras. This Boots No7 stay perfect tubing mascara stays put even through crying , heat and sweat. It’s a little drying and hard to remove , but I’ll gladly accept that. This will be my go to mascara from now on 👍🏻
  • I've worn all kinds of mascara over the years- waterproof, non-waterproof, all brands.Previous to this brand I'd worn Définicils from Lancome and I swore by it, but taking it off daily became a pain.Then I stumbled onto this product and all other mascaras became history!This goes on flawlessly- separates, lengthens, blackens - everything, but more important than all of that is how it comes *off*!I just hold a wet washcloth to my eyes, keep it there for maybe 20 seconds, and when I open my eyes, I gently grip my lashes with my fingers.The mascara releases from my lashes and just slides off!It's CRAZY!It doesn't smudge throughout the day and resists water until you're ready to remove it.Then water's all you need!No more rubbing or irritation - absolutely amazing!I highly recommend!
  • I bought this as an alternative and less expensive to Thrive mascara. It’s alright. Doesn’t last long and I feel it doesn’t make my lashes as long as the Thrive mascara.
  • No 7 stopped making this.For Christmasa couple years ago I gave thiss to my daughters, sister, mom.They said it was the best mascara they ever used.Tubing mascara is the best.I hope they bring it back
  • The best mascara for people who have watery eyes. Normal mascara runs on my bottom lid. This tubular mascara never runs — even with my very runny eyes.
  • I have used this mascara before but I couldn’t find it in stores. I was so happy to find it at Amazon! Every mascara besides this one ends up under my eyes. Try it, you won’t be disappointed!
  • I really like this mascara for a natural look. No volume, really, but lengthening. And I just get a cotton round wet with hot water and hold it on my eyes for a couple seconds, then gently pull down and it comes off easily. Love that part. Unfortunately, it will absolutely not hold a curl even after curling my eyes with a heated curler… my lashes always get stick straight within a minute. No lift whatsoever. Hence a star removed from the review. I keep coming back to it though, because it’s the only mascara that doesn’t transfer to my hooded eyes, and I’ve tried dozens of brands, even expensive ones like Blinc, Lancôme, Benefit They’re Real, etc. even those smudged and transferred, but this never does… then again, that might be because it won’t hold a curl and my lashes never touch my brow. LOL
  • I have been purchasing an “expensive” tubing mascara for years.This one is pretty close to that one.I have repurchased a few times and will continue to do so. If you like tubing mascara, give it a try.
  • The only mascara I have used for the last 4 years - good value, does not streak or clump, and most importantly, doesn't come off until you are ready to do so (and then easily comes off)
  • It's an excellent price-point for the quality of the product.And it's both non-smearing and easy to remove.I love Boots products.
  • Really like this mascara.Easy to apply with no clumping.Is tubular so comes right off with warm water.Only thing is that it didn’t last very long.Large tube so I don’t know…..
  • I really love this mascara for my frail,sparse lashes. Its light and doesn't weigh my lashes down like a lot of mascaras do. It separates my lashes and doesn't clump them together.
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