Norvell Premium Professional Sunless Tanning Spray Tan Solution - Competition Tan, 8 fl.oz. - REVIEW

  • I've done spray tans for the past couple of years and quit the tanning bed. I LOVE this Norvell spray! Works exactly the way it would at a salon. It can look "streaky" or "runny" but we just pat it with a mitt and it looks perfectly blended after showering! I won't use anything else!
  • Let me preface this with: I am PALE. Like practically translucent! I finally have a tan with this!
  • Love love love the color! Long lasting and fades gradually. Poured contents into a foaming dispenser and it works great!
  • This product is great for everyday use. I use 2-3x a week.. with foam pump and tanning mit. Its not too dark and I feel like it lasts longer than other products bc its darker. The directions are to rinse after 24hrs, which would normally be a problem for me.. however, this product goes on easily and dries quickly. Its not sticky , it doesn't stink and its not uncomfortable to wear like other tanners. It will transfer a little, but not a lot and I feel like its better than other products Ive used. I wear it to bed and there is very little transfer to my sheets. Anything that transfers does wash out easily. So far, I have purchased this product twice and plan to continue using it.
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  • SPRAY TANNING HANDHELD SOLUTION: You have trained endless hours, carefully fueled your body from the inside and now it’s time for your outer color to SHINE! The Norvell award winning sunless product range allows you to step to the stage with confidence. Forged for a first place finish, Competition Tan combines the latest in sunless technology with high science for total golden success. Fragrance - Raspberry Almond.
  • NORVELL RECOMMENDATION: Athletes are professionals, often investing many years in preparation to compete. Norvell recommends a trial session of spray tanning routine 30 days prior to any competitive event. Immediately prior to a competitive event the contestant can apply additional color where needed with our retail product - Norvell Competition Tan Competition Stage Color Creme, 8.5 fl.oz. This product is designed for use in all airbrush/HVLP systems regardless of manufacturer.
  • PROFESSIONAL TIP: The DHA will begin to activate within 2-4 hours after application. Do not bathe, shower or sweat for at least 8-hours after application. Avoid chlorinated pools for 18-hours. Brown cosmetic bronzers will wash away during first shower. Full DHA results develop within 18-24 hours. Results should last 5-7 days. The use of nose filters, eye shields, protective under garments and lip balm are recommended before applying sunless spray to body.
  • SPRAY TAN SCHEDULE FOR COMPETITORS: Wednesday (6 pm) - initial full body spray tan, Thursday (6 pm) - warm water rinse only, Thursday (7 pm) - 2nd full body spray tan, Friday (7 pm) - warm water rinse only, Friday (8 pm) - final full body spray tan and continue to coat until desired color is achieved. Warm water only rinsing between spray sessions is recommended to avoid any unwanted stripping of color.
  • NORVELL PRODUCTS HAVE A SHORT SHELF-LIFE: Due to the high quality of ingredients that are used to manufacture Norvell products, the typical shelf-life is 7 months from the production date to the expiration date. Please note that the transit from the manufacturer to Amazon and to the final consumer should be accounted for when purchasing Norvell products.
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