LANKIZ DIY lash Extensions Wispy,Lash Clusters Individual Lash Extensions,120 Clusters C+ D Mix Curl , Soft and Lightweight 10-16mm Mix Resuale Wide Band+Mix Style Cluster Lashes for Home use (Classic C/D) - REVIEW

  • Loved how many different extensions you get for the price. Super nice quality with none of them ripping apart when I took them off the paper. I prefer individual lashes over a full one so these are perfect. I haven't tried reusing these but I could see it happening since they are still in great condition after I take them off. The curl stays up all day and the sizes they offer is great. Love how each row is labeled with the size. Super natural looking and lightweight.
  • It's easy to apply and adhere as well as easy to remove. The quality is great and they look like real lashes. Don't have to worry about damaging your skin, very happy with them.
  • I was surprised at how fluffy and pretty these clusters were. There is a great variety too. The bands don’t seem to think and uncomfortable either.
  • Name: D Curl Lash ClustersGiftable: YesAs Pictured: YesLikes:Easy to applyComes with a protective caseComes with various lengthsLightweight and they don't weigh your eyes downGreat for beginnersDislikes: NoneProduct improvement suggestions: NoneRecommend: Yes
  • I love these lashes! Sometimes I stack them when I want a thicker look. Compliments like crazy when I go out bc they def give individuals. Get them!!!!
  • The media could not be loaded. These lashes are soooo cute. Easy to apply and long lasting
  • I absolutely love how these look on the eye. I've been wearing falsies for years but I'm new to clusters/individuals like this and it's definitely been a learning curve. I've watched too many kbeauty videos and they make clusters look so easy (they aren't). Depending on how you apply, these can be either subtle fluffy or glam. You can easily get that dolly/egirl/anime type of look because these have that spikey type of profile. I took off a star because they are REALLY hard to get out of the box. Like they attached the clusters to the packaging with way too much glue and I've accidentally destroyed a few clusters being impatient with the packaging. You can rewear these a few times if you care for them well but not as much as some of my other strip lashes - that could totally be due to my inexperience though!
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  • ✅ EASY TO APPLY:Different from single lashes, our cluster lashes are wider at the root, usually 4-6mm, which is easier to clip.Please Use professional eyelash tweezers to peel the eyelashes, apply false eyelash glue and wait 30 seconds, then apply the eyelashes to the upper or lower natural lashes. Don't touch your eyelids!
  • ✅ EASY TO REMOVE:Our DIY eyelashes often only need self-grafting glue, and do not need eyelash extension super glue to fix it. When removing, it will be easier to use a small amount of glue remover!
  • ✅ 11-STYLES OPTIONS:We have specially designed 11 styles, Fluffy, Common, Natural, Cross, Hybrid, Classic, Half,Hybird C curl+D,Classic C curl+D,Natural D+Common D,Hybird D+Classic D, if you want to look natural everyday, you can choose the style Natural, if you go to a party, you can choose Hybird.In addition, a mix of styles and curvatures will be your most affordable choice,buy 1,get 2!!
  • ✅ A PERFECT GIFT— Not only for the beauties, but also for relatives and friends.We have specially designed envelopes that you can give to your friends who want to try eyelash extensions
  • ✅ AFTER-SALE SERVICE — Feel free to contact us if you have any unsatisfied, we will reply to you in 12 hours and try our best to help!
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