CCbeauty USA Flag Face Paint, Large Clown White(1.9Oz) Blue Red Face Body Paint Cream Foundation with 3 Brushes for America's Patriotic Events 4th of July, Independence Day, Clown Joker Makeup Halloween Cosplay Costume Parties - REVIEW

  • Five stars. If you're in the performance industry and require high-quality, reliable makeup, look no further than this clown cream. I've used numerous makeup products throughout my career, but this cream stands out for its vibrant colors, lasting power, and skin-friendly formula.Firstly, the pigmentation of this cream is incredible. A small dab is sufficient to deliver a rich, vibrant color that truly pops, essential for my character performances. The color range is also impressive, providing a wide spectrum to fully express my creativity on stage.What really sets this clown cream apart is its longevity. It stays put for hours, even through vigorous performances and under harsh stage lights. Despite its durability, it's surprisingly easy to remove with a basic makeup remover, a quality that any performer will appreciate.Moreover, the cream is not just about delivering great color and staying power. The formula is also gentle on the skin, which is important as I often wear this makeup for extended periods. It's free from any harsh chemicals, reducing the chances of irritation or breakouts. The cream is smooth, easy to blend, and doesn't feel heavy on the skin, making it comfortable for all-day wear.The packaging is practical and sturdy, ensuring that the product is protected and easy to carry around. And the price point is just another bonus. Considering the quality and performance of this product, it offers superb value for money.In conclusion, this clown cream is a must-have for any performer. Its vibrant pigmentation, exceptional durability, and skin-friendly formulation make it an essential part of my performance toolkit. I highly recommend it to anyone in need of high-quality, reliable performance makeup.
  • The white is nice and opaque- is buildable to get the desired white. The black is very opaque as well. Easy to remove and no strange smell.
  • I use a lot of different paints for face painting, and this creme formula goes on smoothly and works well.It doesn't take much to get nice smooth coverage, and this formula actually paired really well with some water based neons I was using. No color bleed, nice saturation, and easy application.I do have to say, that because this is a creme formula, you absolutely have to set it! If you don't set it, it will melt or rub off.Besides that though, awesome set for outlones and blending.
  • CCbeauty Professional Large Clown White(1.9 oz) +Black Face Body Paint Oil Clown Joker Skeleton Vampire Zombie for Halloween Special Effects SFX Cosplay Costume Dress Up Makeup Face Painting Kits is just what it says it is, goes on easily, and provides a great contrast with black on white.I didn't play close attention to the listed amounts and there are some pictures that show the containers are equal sizes but they are not.The white are 1.9 oz and the black is .7 oz (peppermint added for scale).
  • First time using clown makeup and it was great! I would recommend having separate powder puffs because the color can blend. The blue is really strong. I like it a lot and it washes off easily.
  • A little hard to remove with just soap and water but the colors are nice it shows up well!
  • White you have to add a second layer but it looks good and spreads well. Came off easily when washing face.
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  • LARGE WHITE BLUE RED FACE PAINTING KIT - These colors are vibrant, rich, transparent, durable, great coverage with velvety consistency without cracking, this perfect beginners oil-based paint set are going on well and shade-easy to blend to create an endless range of colors. You just need to layer the makeup for a more defined look and allow about a five minute drying time in between layers. Clown Face Paint Kit do easily make the jester look. Everyone can create your clown looks!
  • HIGHLY PIGMENTED & FULL COVERAGE - Soft and smooth creamy texture with flawless coverage, and easy to cover. It takes a while to dry but NEVER DRY OUT completely due to creamy consistency formula as any professional cream makeup, but just because of this creaminess it doesn't flake off after hours or wearing, and it stays put in hot weather. Recommend to seal with LOOSE TRANSLUCENT POWDER after applying to get longer wear and less transforming,smearing.
  • CRUELTY-FREE & EASY TO APPLY - Non-toxic and cruelty-free formula! High pigmented with flawless on skin, friendly for sensitive skin.Safe for both teens and adult. Avoid pulling or stretching the skin. Gently apply around the eye area where the skin is very thin and delicate. And, recommended to take a small area skin test for all comestic before use due to individual differences in skin sensitivity. Better to wash off with olive oil or professional makeup remover.
  • PERDECT for WIDE OCCASIONS - A good choice of professional clowns and mimes. Excellent accessory for Clown makeup, Pennywise makeup, live action role play,Joker,Skeleton,Vampire,Zombie Cosplay, Dress Up Makeup or similar fancy parties, Halloween Costume theme makeup.
  • LARGE CLOWN WHITE MAKEUP — Net Content : White face paint - 55g(1.9 oz) . Red and Blue face paint case - 20g(0.7Oz). 3pcs high-quality Brushes
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