COLORKEY Dual-ended Sketch Eyebrow Pencil, Waterproof Eyebrow Pencil Draw Tiny Eyebrows Fills in Sparse Areas Gaps, Ultra Slim Defining Eyebrow Pencil, Two Colors Flat Core(#04) - REVIEW

  • I do like the brush and the color is a perfect match for me and the thin tip makes filling in my brows easier. The thing that bothered me is the pencil is extremely stiff and you have to press a bit hard to get it to go on
  • Probably can't clearly see the ingredients I've tried to capture in the photo, so here's the list:Mica, hydrogenated rapeseed oil, hydrogenated soybean oil, C10-18 triglycerides, hydrogenated palm oil, boron nitride, synthetic Japan wax, synthetic beeswax, cetearyl methicone, zinc stearate, magnesium myristate, triethoxycaprylylsilane, microcrystalline wax, lecithin, tocopherol, aqua, glyceryl stearate, ascorbyl palmitate, glyceryl oleate, butylene glycol, citric acid, polygonum multiflorum extract, ginseng radix et rhizoma rubra extract, silica, phenoxyethanol, panax ginseng root extract, CI 77891, CI 77492, CI 77499, CI 77491, CI 77266, CI 19140, CI 77002I typed these ingredients into EWG.ORG to find out if there were any endocrine-disrupting chemicals or carcinogenic ingredients.The worst offender is Ci 77266 (AKA D&C Black No. 2), but it's only toxic if inhaled or in concentrations > 0.001%.No major concerns were found on COSMILY.COM .I could not get info on GINSENG RADIX ET RHIZOMA RUBRA EXTRACTIt isn't EWG-certified, but I'm comfortable using it, and it works beautifully for my eyebrow needs.
  • First off, I’ve come to love this brand. All their pencils come in a very nice heavyish package, very pretty and chic.This has the same quality as the other items I’ve tried. Very smooth formula the pencil feels dry but glides on smooth, you have complete control on how much you apply and the thickness of the line. Always long lasting and very true to the colors on the pictures they provide. My go to pencil for special nights or when I want to have my eyebrows looking sharp.Note, I have thin brows so I’ve never been able to pull off a natural feathered brow but this also doesn’t look so harsh when used for filling in.
  • First I just have to say how beautiful this pencil is! I had gotten another eyebrow pencil that was gold outside like this one is but that one was really lightweight and almost flimsy feeling when holding it. NOT this one! This one has a little weight to it. Not where it is heavy but where it feels well made and durable and just nice. It has a nice look to it. The product page said it has a, “High-class Luxurious Gold Square Body” and it DEFINITELY does!The pencil has a spoolie on one end and then the angled pencil tip on the other.I got the shade “#03,” which is “Star Grey.” It is like a muted black/charcoal gray, which is PERFECT for me! I have medium to dark brown hair. My brow hairs are more like a muted black. I had a lot of trouble finding the right shade of brow pencil for them. Browns are always way too warm, black is way too dark, and grays don’t always work either. This is one that works great! It is a PERFECT shade for me!The formula is also perfect! It’s just the right consistency where it’s not too waxy and not too creamy. It glides on easily since it is slightly creamy, but isn’t overly pigmented since it isn’t too creamy. Its waxy enough where it stays put and lasts all day.I usually go for micro brow pencils where the end is really small, but rounded. Usually, angled tip brow pencils are too thick for me to get really small and precise realistic hairlike strokes. But, this one said it had a 0.5 mm tip, so it’s definitely micro! I always liked the idea of angled brow pencils…cover more area than a small rounded tip, but like I said, they were always so thick! So, this is the best of both worlds! It’s micro so it’s small enough to give thin, precise hairlike strokes. But, it’s angled tip allows you to cover more area and I feel like it helps make filling in my brows easier too.Overall, I LOVE this pencil! The packaging is gorgeous! It seems like it’s a high end brow pencil. The shade is absolutely PERFECT, the formula is just right, and the size and shape of the pencil works perfect for me! At only $12.99 I will definitely purchase this before I run out of my current one! It’s my new go-to!
  • This is a great eyebrow pencil. The color was as described however it did say it was waterproof in the description and that’s actually not true. I sweated a little bit and it erased part of my eyebrow. That’s the reason I took off one star. For the price though its a win
  • This is a great fine tip eyebrow pencil and spoolie brush. The fine tip helps with precision while applying, and the spoolie brush helps blend in the color. This make up brand has nice products. Highly recommend.
  • I highly recommend this eyebrow pen for beginners as it is easy to use and can go really precise when you try to fill in sparse area gaps. I have thin eyebrows and light-colored hair color. This pen’s head is small and easy to draw. There is no need to sharpen the eyebrow pen, saving a lot of time for make up. I use this pen in hot summer, and my eyebrow color does not fade. I can wear them for all day long.
  • My brows are on the sparse side, so they're always needing to be tidied up and filled in. I thought this brow pencil would help accomplish that, so I requested it from Vine and here we are. This review is for: COLORKEY Dual-ended Sketch Eyebrow Pencil, Waterproof Eyebrow Pencil Draw Tiny Eyebrows Fills in...This liner comes in a skinny metal pen which is kind of cool. One end has the brow brush and the other, the liner. It has an oddly shaped liner, but it still works fairly well. I filled in my sparse areas, then used the brush to shape. After brushing, I applied just a tad more of liner, used some brow gel to set it and Voila! Done!The liner does seem to last for most of the day, but if I were going out that night, I would need to touch up. That's no big deal as I find it's the case with most brow liners I've used.The color I requested, (#02), is perfect for my brows, so I'm happy about that as well. Overall, I like this product and I would definitely buy it again.
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  • Exquisite small Triangle Soft Core (only for 01&02&03): The eye pencil has a trianglar soft core, which contains point, line, and surface drawing functions, 0.5mm refill like a thin sketch pen, making it easy to draw thin and thick eyebrows. It's thin, so it's very easy to write on the bottom of the eyebrows. The color is brown or grey, if you don't have a very light hair color, it will look good whether you dye or not.
  • Exquisite Small Machete Soft Core (only for 04&05): Innovative two-color eyebrow pencil, compatible with "dark and light two-color", after applying makeup, instantly deducing layered three-dimensional eyebrows makeup.
  • High-class Luxurious Gold Square Body: COLORKEY patented design small gold chopsticks pen bod, comfortable feel and easy to draw, automatic rotating eyebrow pencil, no need to manually sharpen the pencil, rotating small eyebrow brush outline the natural and three-dimensional vivid eyebrow shape. Perfect for makeup beginners. Rotate the cover to the correct position before covering.
  • Easy to Draw:1. Gently comb the eyebrows directionally with the spiral brush; 2. Screw out the refill by 1-1.5mm to fill the eyebrow gap, and outline three-dimensional eyebrow shape; 3. Use the eyebrow brush to gently blend the brows and adjust the shape for more natural and smooth look.
  • Make Your Eyebrows Alive for All Day: The shape of the pen tip makes it easy to shape the eyebrows and draw one by one. It's not easy to fade, making your eyebrows alive and bring you a long-last wear makeup for all day.
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