COVERGIRL Full Lash Bloom by LashBlast Mascara Black Brown 810, 44 oz - REVIEW

  • Great on upper lashes, hard to use on lower lashes.Worked well with my watery eyes.
  • I've tried a lot of mascaras and imo this one is amazing. I bought it because it doesn't flake like other mascaras which give you raccoon eyes. Goes on well, last all day. I usually get waterproof so I can only speak for those. Stays on if it's raining or if you cry (god forbid). Looks great, makes lashes look longer by coating the lighter tips dark, got lots of compliments, even once was accused of wearing fake lashes. Makeup remover works to remove waterproof versions. Came sealed and well packaged. Good buy imo.
  • Lash blasty- works well and doesn’t clump, easy to wash off! Definitely a fav of mine!!
  • I like the product. Stays on and is waterproof. Does not come off with soap and water so invest in somekind of makeup remover.
  • The product is great. Comes off a bit if you cry for more than an hour, but nothing a cotton bud can’t fix. The applicator, however, wields like a spiked club. You may look like a model but you will feel like Shrek trying to apply this. Save yourself the trouble and use your own spoolie. But definitely try this mascara, it’s otherwise perfect.
  • Excellent BROWN-BLACK WATERPROOF!!! Smooth application and has stayed in place through sweat from 100+° F heat and humidity in addition to tears as husband was going through open heart surgery. I didn't even think about it until days later. I also have sensitive eyes and didn't have ANY issues.
  • I've been on the lookout for a Covergirl Lashblast Flourish replacement since it's been discontinued. This one's okay, the brush is very similar and the product itself isn't clumpy or overly voluminous (it is still buildable), but the consistency just isn't the same. For the time being, this is the closest I've been able to find, but will continue to look for something better (or hopefully they'll bring back Flourish!).
  • i ordered this item by mistakebut it is a good quality item at a good price and delivery monthly is convenient.
  • I've used this for years. Waterproof doesn't flake off. Love this.Cons, Covergirl quit selling the creamy eyemakeup remover, and they don't sell brown mascara in Waterproof
  • This mascara builds your lashes up til they're long & thick. It doesn't clump up at all and really looks good!
  • I thought I would try this mascara in place of L'oreal and have been pleasantly surprised! The price was really good so I have ordered another tube.
  • I need a waterproof mascara because my lashes will not stay curled. This does the trick, does not clump, and looks great.Smudges a tiny bit, but that's fine. Will definitely need an oil-based remover to get off your lashes. This stuff does not want to come off otherwise.
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  • Full Lash Bloom Mascara creates exceptional volume for touchably soft, full lashes
  • Creates full, separated volume for a lash look that stays soft to the touch all day
  • The bloom brush with short and long bristles combs and coats lashes evenly
  • Black Brown shade is ideal for any skin tone or eye color
  • Complete your look with COVERGIRL Perfect Point Plus Eyeliner and Eye Shadow Quads
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