Clinique High Impact Mascara, 01 Black .28 oz / 7 mL - REVIEW

  • This is Clinique mascara. Makes your eyelashes look full and longer. Much cheaper than the department store.
  • I only need one coat It doesn't flake one bit, not does it smear. I'm so glad I was sent a free sample, because I love it! Decent price and great quality mascara
  • I bought this product hoping that it would have more product in the tube than the Lorel that I had been buying. No, same thing. Product is good after applying five or six times.
  • I have used this Clinique mascara for years now and it’s amazing!Would recommend it to everyone!
  • I try other mascaras, but I always come back to this one. Doesn’t clump, and makes lashes just the right length. No filaments added, so I don’t worry about allergic reaction. Lasts longer on lashes than some other mascaras I have tried.Plus, (props to the seller) the product I received was FRESH, not old!
  • Small size and it doesn’t take up much space when traveling with a carryon only. Good quality. Would purchase again.
  • There was nothing to dislike about this product.It is what I have been wearing for years.
  • I have used mostly Clinique mascara.Clinique discontinued the one I used for years.Not sure why. I was very disappointed however, this one is ok.
  • Seems like no one makes good mascara anymore, maybe because lots of people are wearing falsies. Unless you buy expensive brands you won't get length or good quality, period.I always go back to Clinique, I know it's quality and it's never let me down! Love Clinique,not clumpy, good length,easy wash off, plain great stuff and just what a girl needs in a mascara, PERIOD! THANK YOU CLINIQUE!
  • My eyes are sensitive to mascara. The Clinique brand is perfect - no redness, no tears, no flaking… It is also easy to remove.
  • I read that this mascara was gentle and was void of irritants that can cause mascara allergies. Unfortunately, I still had itching and irritation when I wore it.The one that solved my problem was Neutragena mascara.
  • This is the only mascara I’ve found where I do not break out with goopy eyes while wearing! Definitely recommend for anyone with sensitive eyes.
  • For years I didn’t wear mascara because inevitably it would flake off & the tiny particles in my eyes would be incredibly painful, due to my contact lenses. Then my husband bought me a gift of Happy, the perfume by Clinique, and it came with a gift set, including a small-size version of this mascara. I tried it & was pleasantly surprised that there was no flaking, so I started wearing it now & then, and I’ve never had a problem with it. So for all the contact lens wearers out there, this is a great mascara for you.
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  • High Impact Mascara - 01 Black by Clinique for Women - 0.28 oz Mascara.
  • Adds maximum volume & length to lashes.
  • Gives rich, intense color for long wearing.
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