Lash Clusters Wispy 84 Pcs Natural Cluster Lashes C Curl DIY Eyelash Extensions Mix Length Individual Eyelash Clusters Super Thin Band EMEDA (Mix 8-16mm C Curl Natural Ferry) - REVIEW

  • I ordered this individual lash clusters for my wife who has been exploring DIY lash extensions. The pack contains 84 pieces, ranging in size from 8-14mm, providing a great variety to match her preferences. Her feedback has been positive so far. She finds them easy to apply and they significantly enhance her look. The versatility and quantity included in the pack make it well worth buying.However, there is a slight downside to note. The lash clusters are somewhat fragile, which requires careful handling, especially during sleep. She had to adjust her sleeping habits slightly to make sure she does not accidentally damage them. This is a small compromise, considering the overall quality and effect they bring. Despite this minor drawback, I would still rate the product a solid four stars out of five.
  • This is a good set of lash extensions of various sizes, from 8mm-14mm. I'm loving the 8-10mm lashes. These seem more natural with flair, in my opinion. It gets really dramatic and theatrical after that,especially the 14mm.. still very pretty, but a little unnatural. I love the micro band that just melts into your natural lashline... great blend with drama. Soft, full, yet airy at the same time. These are as described and pictured by seller.
  • I like the ultra thin lash band featured in these lashes. They are lightweight and have a wispy appearance, making them comfortable to wear. Brushing through them is effortless, and they are also easy to clean. However, I would have preferred if there were more rows of 8mm and 10mm lashes available.
  • first impressions, they don’t feel super cheap and i actually prefer these to the falscara ones. i used falscara for several weeks and i just had such a hard time placing them. these were so easy to place with the exception of the fact that it’s harder to place them on the eye that you would have to use your non-dominant hand for (the lashes on my left eye are slightly less even than the right but that’s entirely user error). i used these with a separate brand of glue and they seem to be held really well. i would say you could easily get 3-4 days of wear straight.
  • I used this product with lash clusters. I am able to get 3 days of hold with this product. I love that it is easy to use. I didn't get much water on my lashes while wearing this product. I like that is feels lightweight. It doesn't clump on my lashes. It comes off easily with my eyelash glue remover with no damage to my natural lashes.
  • A must for the false eyelashes that are in small groupings. Helps to create a uniform look and easy to clean up and remove when using lash cleaner. Lasts for a month to month and half as if using on a regular basis.
  • I wanted to like this glue but it really only lasted me one day with my eyelashes and then they fell off. It’s a good alternative for day wear but not for long term.
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  • BRING THE SALON TO HOME: Cluster lashes can be a quick to create a salon Wispy look lashes in 5 minutes. Depending upon your eye shape, apply 4-6 pieces of lash clusters under your lash line, merging seamlessly with your natural lashes for a cluster lash extension look.
  • EXCELLENT QUALITY AND VALUE:Made with premium Korean PBT synthetic fibers, they’re super soft, lightweight, durable. Large volume affordable eyelash clusters pack (one tray = 9 pairs of lashes) . cluster eyelashes are wearable up to 3x with proper care.
  • FEATHER-LIGHT WEARING: These individual lashes have Ultra-thin lash band and feather-light ends that you can barely feel. Natural and comfortable for everyday wear. Vegan, cruelty-free, sustainable.
  • C CURL MULTIPLE LASH CLUSTER STYLES: Available in 8-16mm lengths in a box, you can use different cluster eyelash sizes to make sexy cat eyes, cute doll eyes, or natural lashes. The perfect d curl and wispy, fluffy diy lash extensions look add a few styles to your daily beauty!
  • CUSTOMER FOCUS: Superior product quality and value are the directions we've been working on. We will keep a grateful heart to welcome you to consult any questions and accept your suggestions.
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