Monster Liquid Latex - Dries CLEAR - Creates Zombie Skin and FX - REVIEW

  • I used this product on the edges of bathroom rugs to make them not slip. It totally works, and it doesn’t come off in a washing machine. I air dry the rugs. Awesome product!
  • I purchased this to use as a masking fluid for my watercolor paintings. It works better than the much higher priced professional masking fluid; it is thinner, making it easier to apply fine lines, and lifts off of the paper almost in one piece, with no damage to the expensive paper. I did several tests on my paper, leaving it on for up to 4 weeks before removing it, and there was no paper damage or residue. For masking fluid on Fabriano soft press 300# paper, this stuff is fabulous!!
  • I love it. Works like a dream. I'm you it for RESIN and if you know you know. The clean up. This is a dream . And the resin pops right off. If your need is art do it.
  • They ought to inform you of the viscosity this stuff is way watery thin it takes so many coats just to get any thickness out of it but it's great for a thinner for something that is too thick it does work very good though and does dry fast
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  • Dries fast and clear.
  • Skin type: Combination
  • Safety warning: May cause rash
  • Unit count type: Fl Oz
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