1.6oz! Plant-Based Biodegradable Vegan Glitter for Face, Body, Craft & Nails (45g) - REVIEW

  • I mixed these with a few resin projects and it worked perfectly in them! Looks amazing, very sparkly! Great quality!
  • This is very nice glitter that is just as good as the conventional counterpart. It's really sparkly and looks great esp in photos. I am also glad that each comes in a fairly generous size container. Very nice.
  • Super pretty glitter. I have actually used this in some of my crafting hobbies and it works great. Really pretty glitter.
  • This biodegradable body and crafting glitter is awesome! The four different colors are bright and beautiful, the individual size of each glitter piece is decent enough that it doesn't feel like powder, nor is it too big. I love knowing that this glitter isn't going to irritate mine or my children's skin if I decide to use it in a handmade soap or other body product, and it is wonderful that eventually it will just melt away into dust over time if it falls on the ground or ends up in the garbage. The price is rigged for the product, and I highly recommend this glitter to you!
  • The media could not be loaded. Love #nomoglitter y'all. Our melt and pour soaps are uniquely designed with NoMo Glitter options. Some say glitter will drop to the bottom, Not NoMo Glitter @cruisinorganics
  • Great colors and sizes to choose from. Very light and different feeling than other glitters. I used it as a pop to my eye makeup. The finer glitter works well for this. The chunkier glitter works but it also gives you a bolder eye look. This glitter is great to use on the skin or as an art project.
  • I think the gold is too thick to really be called glitter, because those are really big discs. The silver is perfect and looks just like classic glitter. The blue and the pink are okay. I love the pots, because they are very easy to open but then seal tightly again, and I can actually scoop the glitter back into them when I inevitably spilled glitter on the counter for example. This is versatile glitter and can be used on your skin and nails as well as in arts and crafts projects. I just wish there were a way to order only the size I want, because I'm much prefer the extra fine glitter like the silver color. I just don't love the big ones. I feel like they should offer this glitter in different options, chunky, fine, and medium.That said, biodegradable glitter is basically a dream come true for me and my daughter. I haven't let her get glitter for years because of the ecological nightmare that regular glitter represents. She's very excited to have this as part of her arts and crafts supplies, and I'm happy to have it for costumeing purposes as well.
  • Nice set of vegan glitters. These are great, they look awesome and can be used in all sorts of fun crafts and projects. They’re safe to put on your face and body. Be careful opening the tins, I almost spilled glitter all over myself.
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  • 5% of our sales go to planting trees and cleaning seas
  • Tired of tiny pots? NOMO offers great value with over 10g per pot!
  • Over 30% softer than traditional glitter
  • 3x 10g pots: Cleopatra Gold (2.4mm), Power Pink (1.0mm), Aqua Blue (1.0mm)
  • 1x 15g Spinning Silver (0.2mm glitter)
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