Fake Totem Sleeve Tattoos Stickers, Full Arm Tribal Totem Temporary Tattoos Sleeves for Adult Kids Women Makeup, 8-Sheet - REVIEW

  • Easy to apply. I used vegetable oil and or rubbing alcohol to remove.Cool pics. My son loves them. I cut 2 down in size and it still looked awesome.
  • My kids loooove wearing these. They got compliments all the time whenever we would go out in public with them on. Great coloring. Great quality. Just a good product all around.
  • The media could not be loaded. All right so I stumbled across this one day on Amazon and I saw that they had like 12,000 reviews or more five stars so curiosity struck the cat and that’s when the hamster started spinning on the wheel and that’s when we went down that rabbit hole.Started gazing in reviewing all the reviews some people bash them some people love them so all the good reviews weighed out the bad ones because all the people that complained about the bad ones are complaining over something stupid with no relevance to the product in my opinion.Soul for $12.15 when you get them shipped received then the next day opened up my packaging and let me tell you the tattoos in this package maybe minus one of the sleeves was top notch the work literally looked high quality like it took a real artist quality time to do it very detailed everything about them was legit no gaps nothing looked out of place.They apply very easily just cut them to size use a washcloth that’s damp and just dab it on the paper molds to whatever surface you’re applying it to you can easily combine sleeves and wrap it around your arm or leg to make it look like it’s fully blasted.So me being a barber I see tons of people each and every day so tons of people like I said at least a dozen came up to me and wanted to know who did it where I got it done if the guy has openings how much it cost and people were flat out just Garking over how detailed and how deep and rich the colors are in these tattoos. So you know explain to everybody why I was rocking a fake tattoo but I think these are awesome for people who are wanting to get blasted up and yanked out or just to see how a sleeve or a certain tattoo in a certain area on the body might look before you actually get a permanent one done this gives you time to think about things see how it might look to give you a definite answer before you just sit down in the chair and then regret getting a tattoo.So yes I would recommend this to anybody these are great for going out special occasions just wanting to have fun or play a prank on somebody who doesn’t want you getting tattoos. These things rock yeah it’s a temporary tattoo but it blows all those temporary tattoos that you would get at the dentist or in a goodie bag or a party favors the cheaper ones the ones you might find in a 50 Cent machine yeah those ones those are garbage these are high and high quality tattoos.Lastly yeah you can shower do anything you normally do but just don’t wash your arm or scrub it you can get soap on it it’s not gonna hurt it just tell dab it dry when you get out the shower or if you’re swimming just dab it dry don’t rub it because yeah it will start to fade off. Obviously the elbow or inside my arm where are you close it and bend it yeah that area is going to wear out faster because you’re constantly moving your arm and it’s just gonna eventually crack in that area overtime but it doesn’t look out of place, it just looks like it needs touched up that’s all so don’t be afraid that if I shower it’s gonna come off now they last about two weeks or more and that’s with not scrubbing them when you shower you can still get soap on it and still clean it and it was still last just don’t get any kind of oils on it because my fiancé had one on her arm and baby oil took it right off when she wasn’t even trying to take it off.Hope this helps. Enjoy 12$ full sleeve tattoos. The couple hundos- extra stacks will thank you in the end and hey, You’ll have more money because you just didn’t drop it on a permanent tattoo
  • If your kiddo is like mine and can't wait to grow up and get a tattoo or 2 or 3: these are perfect! We've used them as sleeves, or leg pieces for her. They last for a week before you see any notable peeling, comes off easy with some baby oil at bath time.
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  • SAFE TATTOO SLEEVES. Contains 8 sheets tirbal totem full arm sleeve temporary tattoos which are printed with high quality tattoo ink and paper meeting rigid safety and NON-TOXIC materials requirements. Do not apply to sensitive skin, near eyes, or if you are allergic to adhesives.
  • LONG LASTING TUMBLER TATTOO. Leoars tumbler temporary tattoos will last 2 to 5 days, depending on where it is placed and how well you take care of it. Take care of your tattoo: avoid any soap, sunscreen, lotions or oils near or on your tattoo.
  • WATERPROOF SLEEVE TATOO. Make sue to apply it to completely dry skin and let it set for about 30 minutes to ensure the adhesive has had time to bond. After it’s soaked into your skin, go ahead and hop in that ocean, pool or shower. Just remember to keep oil-based lotions, sunscreens, body wash, etc off your tattoos.
  • EASY TO APPLY & REMOVE: Simply to apply the temporary tattoo on your arm and pat it using cloth/sponge . To remove your temporary sleeve tattoo, simply soak your skin in baby oil, olive oil or coconut oil for one minute then gently scrub off. Repeat as necessary. Apply a lotion to moisturize and soothe skin area afterwards.
  • APPLICABLE OCCASIONS. Wear our temporary tattoos whenever and wherever you want! Great for halloween costume, gym, party, punk party, tattoo parlor photo session, club, carnival, traveling, wedding, dancing, swimming the beach, festivals, vacations, concerts, pool, beach, dinner dress, music festival, bachelorette parties and more.
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