NEOGEN DERMALOGY Innovative Sensational Hygienic Washable Extra Slim Metal Mascara (Slim, Black) - REVIEW

  • This is a very thin metallic rod with indents for your lashes. I really thought that this was just an expensive gimmick. The first time I used it, I was in a bit of a rush and was annoyed that it didn't have any bristles to grab at my lashes. I quickly did a coat and thought this was useless.The next time, when I got over that this is just a stick for my lashes, I realized that bc of the thinness, it does a REALLY good job grabbing the smallest lashes. It gave me a lot more definition than my usual mascara. It didn't clump either. What it doesn't do as much for me is give me volume. But after a couple of coats, I did get a bit but my lashes looked much more full! Even the smallest lashes stand out.This product felt like a sticker shock because of the $40 price, but the nice thing is that you can get a refill. So that helps some if you end up liking it.
  • The absolute best mascara on the market.I can finally put mascara on my very sparse lashes without having it all over my eyelids.I will never use anything can’t beat the price
  • I like this, but I don't like how clumpy my lashes are. They aren't majorly clumpy and I know some people actually prefer that look but for me, I prefer a more natural look. So while I think this is a good mascara, it isn't for me.
  • This is a bit pricey at the current retail of around $42. I don't spend that much on mascara so I wasn't sure if the quality of this product would be worth the price. I do like that it is vegan. The ingredients appear to be from ocean or sea plant sources. It isn't tested on animals which is a huge plus for me as well. The marketing seemed a bit high on pushing the term "hygienic" which almost implies that other mascaras are not hygienic.A plastic vs metal wand isn't really what drives something to be hygienic. This metal wand cannot be cleaned with alcohol which should be noted up front as indicated by the seller. You can clean it with a tissue though. I'm not certain about soap and water but it does seem to be a viable option. It seems that there is a refill option which would certainly be eco-friendly. The wand is super slim and if you are going for a natural look, then this will definitely provide that. Overall, this is a great mascara for a natural look. It is waterproof so it is going to stay put for awhile until you use your normal waterproof mascara remover.
  • Love this product because it makes my lashes look longer and fuller and my eyes looks bigger since I have small almond eye shape .
  • This product seems a bit expensive to me for mascara but according to my teen it is "amazing" and non-clumpy, making lashes look "soooo much better!".So, she's thrilled with it and says it's worth it.
  • This is a pretty cool little mascara. It has a thin metal wand which I'd never tried before. The wand does a really nice job of separating lashes and the mascara lengthens nicely but doesn't do much for volume.Because the lashes don't clump together though, it's a pretty fair tradeoff when you want a more natural look.This mascara is fantastic for those "no makeup" days. Coverage good to make them visible without clumping.
  • I love how nicely the mascara glides on and it makes my lashes have a nice natural full look to them without causing them to stick together. I like that if you want to try out a different formula you can just order the other base bottle and not have to re-order the wand with it since you’ll already have it.
  • I love this product! I have lashes that tend to angle down and so I need a good waterproof mascara so that when I curl them they keep their curl. I dont like to put much on.. I like a more natural look and this wand is amazing for that. Barely a clump formed. I also tend to have oily lids and most waterproof mascara still moves a little bit on me but not this stuff. A lot of people say that it's very hard to remove this mascara but you just have to have the right product. I happen to use a mascara remover that is made for Japanese waterproof mascara it is basically an oil in a mascara tube with a brush that I brushed through and let sit for maybe 30 seconds while I use my cleansing balm on my face. I then bring that balm to my eyes and usually by the time I rinse my face and then wash with my foaming cleanser it comes right off. I will repurchase and I will also use this wand with another Korean mascara i have and really like since you can just wash this wand with soap and water.
  • I purchased mainly for the metal wand. This is some serious mascara. It will not budge. It’s a bit messy putting it on. It’s like putting on mascara and eyeliner all at once. It is difficult to remove if you don’t have a remover. It does not wash off, must be removed.
  • Easiest mascara to apply, ever, & completely worth the hype.It did not smudge at all (but I did not really put it to the wear test-- didn't really sweat, definitely did not get my face wet during wear but product stayed on all day).Does not make my eyelashes look longer or substantially thicker, and does not give me clumpy look (I know some people like that look-- if you're one of these folks, you may not like this mascara).It does however make my lashes look darker, does what eyeliner does well-- outlines my eyes, highlights my eyeshadow look and brings out the color of my eyes. Also, holds the curl pretty nicely.I love the the ease and neatness of application to both my top AND bottom lashes. Great applicator! Cool packaging.
  • This mascara has a metal wand and long handle for easy control on your lashes. It coats your lashes well and makes them long. It does an amazing job!
  • I’ll admit when I initially used this mascara I wasn’t the biggest fan. I found it really awkward to put on and I was having serious trouble with clumping. But once you get the hang of this mascara it’s actually gorgeous!First off it goes on a lot quicker than it looks like it does. What I mean is that because it’s a lengthening mascara and not a thickening mascara you can over do it really quickly. I’ll swipe like 4 times and all of a sudden I have lashes like 5X the normal length of my lashes and it will be clumpy. But the key is to use a lash comb immediately after putting it on and do only 2-3 swipes at a time. Trust me it makes a world of a difference!The only real negative besides that it takes getting used to is that it’s also really hard to get off. You can’t use a normal makeup remover wipe, you definitely need an oil based eye makeup remover. And even then it takes quite a few wipes. But if you can get over these two caveats it’s 100% worth it! Especially if your like me and you have short lashes since this stuff lengthens like no other mascara I have ever used in my life!!!
  • First time using and I love how easy it is to use! Very black and long lasting.I did notice it does smudge no matter what primer I use, but it's still one of my favorites.
  • ThisNEOGEN DERMALOGY Extra Slim Metal Maxicara (Black) has an upscale look in a pink and metal rose gold color container. The shape is useful as it has a flat base so I can stand it up on my counter. It has a thin metal wand instead of a classic mascara wand with bristles. I thought it might be awkward or that I might even poke my eye, but the wand feels natural and easy to use. This mascara doesn’t irritate my eyes at all.The metal wand appears to pick up a more even layer of product than a wand with bristles. I get even coverage and excellent lash separation. The coverage isn’t clumpy, which I assume is because the wand doesn’t have a lot of excess product. Thickening and lengthening are more important to me than color given that my lashes are black. I apply 2-3 coats and am happy with the volume and length I get.This mascara doesn’t flake or smudge. It’s definitely waterproof as I’ve showered and washed my face with it on and it hasn’t smeared or budged. It does come off easily enough with Lancôme Bi-Facil made for regular and waterproof eye makeup. While I don’t usually wear waterproof mascara, I’ll definitely keep using this one by NEOGEN as I love how well it holds up over the course of so many hours. Love it. 5 stars. Made in Korea.
  • For someone with very sparse and thin lashes, this is a great mascara.I get excellent control--both with the thin wand and the long, thin and weighty "handle".The mascara stays on, clings to thin lashes and does not clump.It does not give me a lot of volume, but my lashes cannot take anything thick.I love this stuff!I also love how it looks sitting on my counter.
  • I wasn't sure what to expect from this mascara, but I didn't expect much. I was very surprised at how well it impressed me.There are no bristles, just a thin, metal rod. I used it by applying thin coats to my upper and lower lashes. This is actually better for people, that just want some color, because it doesn't give volumeI found this to be easy to apply and it didn't smudge or leave residue on my lids or under my eyes.This lasted all day without rubbing, or flaking off. At the end of the day, it was still looking good and I even noticed my lash ends had curled up a little.This may not have lots of bristles on the applicator, but I think this is beter for me. It gave me nice looking lashes, with no mess and lasted all day.The only small thing that I didn't like was that it was very hard to wash off at the end of then day. I tried everything I have on hand for removing makeup and it took a few washings with cleanser and even makeup remover wipes. Most of it came off, but there was a small amount left behind, that eventually came off. This isn't a big deal because I don't wear makeup every day and for special occasions, this will be good to have.
  • I don't love wearing make up but I love this mascara. I'm not into the look of lashes full of a ton of mascara to make them look longer. I like a more natural look that enhances the eyes. I love this mascara for that look.This mascara has a unique brush that's much better at application than the regular mascara brushes. It seems to distribute the mascara more evenly and keeps it from clumping on my eyelashes. It dries quickly so it's easy to apply a second and third coat for thicker looking eyelashes. I love that it doesn't hold too much mascara at once. I think it's a quite innovative brush. It's long and thin and easy to apply. I would definitely purchase this again as it's become one of my favorite mascaras.
  • I have used mascara for decades and have tried many, many different kinds. I am always looking for the perfect mascara! I was eager to try DERMALOGY by NEOGENLAB mascara, and I am not disappointed! This mascara is great!This mascara does not clump at all. Usually, I have to wipe off the tip of the mascara wand whenever I go to apply it, because of the clumps. I do not have to do this with this mascara! Imagine, no clumps!The thin metal wand takes a little to get used to, but it sure is easier to get the mascara right where you want it, especially on those short lower lashes!The mascara case is very elegant looking. It did take me a bit to grow accustomed to the handle because of its shape and that it is a bit slippery. But that did not take long.This mascara lasts and lasts. It is waterproof and durable and lasts all day until I wash it off. It does not smudge as the day goes on.It seems to be hypoallergenic too, and it does not irritate my sensitive eyes.This mascara seems to take fewer coats, too, to get the same effect. That is a real time-saver.This mascara is made in Korea.
  • This is a type of mascara that makes your lashes look real, only a little better than real. I've been blessed with long lashes, but they're starting to lose volume. This mascara doesn't help with volume at all but I wasn't expecting volume as the description doesn't say that. But I like the natural look it gives my eyes, and there is no clumping. Stays on, and it's actually hard to remove.
  • This is really easy to apply mascara , it doesn’t go on in clumps , separates your eyelashes , makes them long and still makes them look thick - so far I don’t have flaking under my eyes from mascara fallout .I would recommend this & actually buy this for a friend to try it’s so nice !Update : it does not have any fallout layer in the day however you must use a make up remover to get the mascara off !I love this mascara !
  • It was a bit strange for me to use a mascara wand that has no fluffy bristles.It is long and skinny with super mini combs throughout.But wow!!! This masacara is WONDERFUL!! Coats all of my lashes.Zero clumping!!! Lengthens as well!!I love how this mascara makes my eyelashes look!Wore all day with zero flaking or smudging.I used a waterproof make up remover and the mascara came off well at the end of the day.
  • I wasn't sure if I would like the long thin wand and bristles, but I love it!I use a lash lengthener, so I love how long my lashes are, but for them to show up, I need a good mascara that doesn't clump and get all over my eyelids.The wand is easy to control and brush on my lashes, both upper and lower, and I can place the mascara right on my lashes without wasting much at all, which is a savings.I love the fact that I can buy a refill instead of throwing away the container, so that's another cost savings.My lashes look awesome and feel good, too.This is a great mascara that makes it easy to place the mascara just on your lashes with very little clean up, unlike mascaras with big brushes.
  • the tube is super slim and doesn't take up much room in my purse. Of course, I needed to add a few additional coats than I'm used to, but overall, I think this product worked for what I needed it to do.
  • When deciding whether or not to order this brand of mascara, I took a close look at the brush. I've always preferred a thin brush for mascara, as I don't apply heavy coats, and hate that "clumpy" look.Turns out, this extra slim brush isn't a brush at all. It's a thin, metal "magic wand" that coats each and every eyelash, even those tiny corner lashes.It darkens enough to be noticeable, and adds subtle length to the lashes as well. Also, it gives a very natural look to the lashes.The wand also allows you to get close enough to the lash-line that I found I didn't even miss wearing liner. This darkened enough at the base to add definition to the shape of the eye.I used a regular makeup remover to remove it, and had no issues there.I think it is a solid five-star item, particularly for those who want soft, well-defined, darkened lashes that still look natural -- with no clumps.
  • If you like the mascara, be sure to save your wand and just buy the refill for $15. I love that they have this option!I had given up on trying new mascara, but when I saw this mascara is by the Korean beauty brand Neogen, I knew that it would be a quality product. I have been using a variety of their products for a few years now, and it continues to be one of my go to brands.Before you choose, know what you are getting. This is their "natural lash" option. If you want more dramatic volumizing, choose one of the volumizing options from the list.This is for "Customers who prefer clean and natural eyelashes"The mascara is interesting. I have sensitive eyes, and they easily water, so I need something that is non irritating and can stand up to some moisture. Usually I need waterproof. I dont see anywhere that this is waterproof, but it DOES NOT smudge, flake, or leave me looking like I have dark under eye area. I kept checking myself in the mirror because I was concerned to be walking around with black smudges from my eyes tearing up (talking, laughing, smiling.. my eyes will water up). But nothing, all day!The BRUSH/applicator is totally different than anything I have ever used. It is a slim metal spoolie. It coats each and every one of my lashes, top to bottom, evenly. I noticed that my outer lashes curled. I dont notice mega volume, but I can tell my lashes were coated. Looks like they have a variety of mascara options (ie for volume) using this spoolie. This variety is for a natural lash look. I concur with that.Washing off takes a little extra work. I haven't figured out the best cleanser to get it all in one go.So far, no irritation. I think the main aspect of this is the spoolie brush/wand. It is easy to use, but takes a little getting used to. I think it stands up to the "natural lash" look. I wish that was more pronounced in the product decription, but that info is there. I had originally was going to go with 4 stars because of the lack of volume, but then I read through the description more carefully. Hence 5 stars now (though more like 4.5). If I experience anything else I will be back to update.
  • This mascara is a little different than what I usually use. Instead of a brush, it uses a metal wand as an applicator. It took a little getting used to and a little more time to apply the mascara, but the end results were good.The mascara goes on easy but is very wet. I used a metal comb to further separate the lashes once I had applied the color. This is not a mascara that produces a lot of volume, but instead lengthens and has a more natural look.At the end of the day, the mascara would not wash off with micellar water. I needed to use an oil based product to get it to melt off without scrubbing. On the positive side, the mascara stayed put all day with no flaking or smearing.
  • This mascara is something else.I bought a bottle of this DERMALOGY by NEOGENLAB Hygienic Extra Slim Pink Metal Mascara (Black) on a whim.It looked fascinating, and I've found that the thinner the applicator, the longer and more individually coated my lashes tend to be.I was not disappointed.The petite container holds the most fascinating applicator ever.It appears to be a long, delicately threaded screw (have you seen an Archimedes screw?Something like that...and I guess I shouldn't make fun, because technically that's what it is, since it's meant to hold onto the liquid mascara).The metal applicator is long and slim, and the threaded end is housed in the container of mascara liquid.When you pull the end of the metal applicatorout of the liquid, the tiny threads hold onto the liquid.You can get the slim metal applicator quite close to your lashline, and apply the mascara there, as well.The mascara is applied precisely, with the applicator separating each lash.The result is incredible, with lashes blackened from the waterline to the tip, and separated beautifully.This mascara also stays on precisely.It doesn't BUDGE.The only problem with it may be its stubborn insistence in staying on one's lashes.I had to use my heavy-duty makeup remover to get this stuff off.It won't travel or flake.It's amazing.Be warned though:you will need some serious makeup remover to get it off.
  • I do not think that that this is worth the hype it has received. I think it works okay but it is messy and smears as well as flaked for me. I do like it for doing my lower lashes and brightening up my lashes when I use false lashes, but it is not an every day mascara.
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  • A more sophisticated and slim 2.5mm metal brush for every eye shape The ultra-precise slim metal brush of Neogen’s new iconic defining mascara creates even and detailed strokes for every application. Our latest innovation of a 2.5mm metal brush, coats every single eyelash to create more defined looks.
  • Scientific design for defined eyes, reaching every single lash The metal tip featuring 50-degree angle dents with a constant depth of 0.42mm help with perfect and neat application and 2.5mm powerful slim metal brush coats and pulls up each lash without clumping to create defined lashes without worrying about smudging, clumping, and smearing.
  • A vegan-certified mascara for safe and defined eyelashes Healthy vegan mascara formula excludes animal ingredients and testing – safe for even the most sensitive eyes.
  • New revolution of MASCARA! Up to 99.9% hygienically clean Metal Brush! Designed with a gold-coated metal brush tip that is easy to clean, It can be easily washed off with water or wiped off with a tissue, so it can be used hygienically.
  • A slim metal brush that is thin and delicate and can reach the root of the eyelashes. It helps pull up the lashes one by one with controlled strength to help curling and powerful fixing
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