Designer Skin Awestruck Enhanced 65X Invincible Bronzer 13.5 oz - REVIEW

  • I have used this in the past so I had to find more. For my “older” skin it delivers not only gives you instant color from the bronzers but makes your skin feel good, which is more important as you get older. It smells fabulous too! My skin feels better long after I have tanner.
  • Side by side to the bottle that cost twice as much EXACTLY THE SAME. I tend to lean toward designer skin products but I've used others. I don't know if it's actually a thing ppl getting counterfeit lotion or if it's just rumors unsatisfied trolls and retail tanning salons spread but I've never been fleeced ordering online just paid much less than retail for lotions I love and this one is at the top of my list. It's expensive even here for me and the only reason I got it in the salon was because of an obsene amount of tanbucks I had accrued, but I fell in love with it immediately! The scent is a light slightly floral, fresh joy. I am not usually partial to florals but this one is nice and accommodating. The bronzers are absolutely amazing allows those hard to tan spots like my shins to look as tan as the rest of me also tan evenly never splotchy, never orange, and the charcoal beads totally eliminate any residual after tan odor in ways a lotion just has never matched. LOVE the charcoal beads!!I've used a variety of lotions over the years and while my pocketbook wishes I'd never tried awestruck the rest of me doesn't want to tan without it! You must wash your hands as with any lotion with heavy bronzers in it, I keep baby wipes in my tanning bag so I can clean my hands up before hopping in the bed. If you are serious about your lotions and can stomach spending a little extra for utter satisfaction, just get it. I really can't imagine any experienced tanner being unhappy with it. I bought the Awestruck tan extender here too for a steal too and am excited to begin implementing that into my routine!I don't leave a lot of reviews but I'm always concerned and unsure when I see reviews casting doubt on a product or it's authenticity and sometimes they discourage me from risking that possibility I'm glad I didn't let that get I'm my way here. Bottles change, lids change and I've had many lids and fancy caps separate when I buy them from retailers both cosmetics and tanning lotions, this doesn't invalidate the product or it's authenticity.
  • I LOVE this tanning lotion!! I get pretty dark when I use it. I highly recommend getting this stuff. 🙂🙂
  • The media could not be loaded. Best scent ever!!! No streaks! I love the beads!! It gets you dark as hell. It’s been great! Way overpriced other places but you pay for what you get. Shipping was slower than normal but that’s just how that goes. Top 2 of my favorites tanning lotion.
  • This tanning lotion is by far one of my favorites. I have used a bunch of different lotions and this one is one of my tops! Yes it is pricey, but definitely worth your money!
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