Eyelash Black Color Kit, Instant Hair Color Kit for Lashes and Brows, 15ml Airless Pump Keratin Voluminous Coloring with Complete Tools for Salon Grade Home DIY - REVIEW

  • I’ve used other tints in the past and I really like this one! You do have to be patient and let the mixture oxidize for 15min (I don’t stand there and stir the whole time tho) I stir every few minutes. I use aquaphor for my top lids so they don’t get stained since I have heavy eyelids and definitely use the eye pads they supply for under eyes. I’ve reused those pads 3 times already. Especially love all the tools they give you to make sure every lash is coated. Pro-tip, use the mascara wand to get the middle to top of lashes up top and then the little wnd/stick to get close to the lash that’s closest to the eyes. Also use that little wand to get those lower eye lashes one at a time :) highly recommend!
  • The pic on the right (dark grey shirt) was before & the left pic (light grey shirt) is after using the lash tint. I should also mention I’ve been using Grande Lash a few nights every week since the before pic was taken about a month ago.**WHEN APPLYING** I tried using the under eye patches & putting the dye on top of my lashes from above & it went straight into my eye 😭Ditching the patch & carefully painting the dye onto my lashes like mascara & using the spoolie was much gentler & didn’t cause burning. Don’t worry about the dye getting on your lower eyelid when you blink, the solution is quite thick.
  • Simple and easy to use. Works great for light colored lashes. Only irritating part is the under eye protectors. They did not stick or stay in place- ended up just using paper towel instead. Dye lasts for a couple to a few weeks depending on how fast your lashes grow out. Love not having to but mascara on!
  • Very happy with this product. I was a little skeptical at first. I’m blonde and without mascara or brow makeup on, it looks like I have no lashes or brows!This kit was very easy to apply and I’m happy with the natural result. My skin is usually very sensitive, and I didn’t have an issue at all with this kit. I ordered the color black. FYI I didn’t leave it on as long on my brows as I did my lashes.For reference, I am not wearing any brow color or mascara in the pictures on the right.All in all, very happy and would order again.
  • I like this product. It's very easy to follow. But, it works best on lighter lashes. I did not notice any difference on myself, but my daughter's lashes looked wonderful! (She has very light lashes, almost white) so I only gave 4 stars since I bought this for myself and it didn't darken my lashes at all.
  • Great for brows and lashes. Did mine few weeks ago and still have not washed off. Very satisfied. Easy to work with, easy to apply, set includes everything you need.
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  • Lomansa black t-i-n-t kit is perfect for an eyelash color, giving your lashes a glossy, voluminous and elongated look. The transformation is immediate and noticeable, leaving you with stunning, black lashes and a locked-in look.
  • You are in for a treat with professional lash and brow color black kit, which safely and effectively creates lasts up to 4-6 weeks thick lashes. This semi-color will help your eyes look bigger and more beautiful without makeup.
  • This brow black kit boasts a generous 15ml capacity, larger than that of others, and can be used more frequently. Save money by skipping trips to the salon without compromising on quality.
  • Worried about irritating allergies or harmful chemicals in other lotions? Trust Lomansa's eyelash hair black kit, expertly crafted with premium ingredients and thoroughly tested to guarantee outstanding results that are safe and gentle.
  • Thanks to its airless pump design, our bottle delivers the lotion cleanly and hygienically, ensuring that every use is fresh, effective, and cost-efficient. Perfect for beginners and experts alike.
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