Ere Perez - Natural Avocado Waterproof Mascara | Vegan, Cruelty-Free, Clean Beauty (Black, 35 oz | 10 ml) - REVIEW

  • I really like how well this stays put. I’ve been swimming several times, and even used a this eyeliner brush to use this for a wing, and it doesn’t run. Definition is great, and it can be layered and thickened. The pictures were with two coats, and this is about as thick as I like on myself.It is not easy to take off lol. I use jojoba oil, and then rub well, and sometimes have to repeat before I can use my normal facial bar. It’s worth it for the staying power that is rare in natural mascaras though
  • Best non-toxic mascara I’ve tried so far. Most non toxic either doesn’t go on smoothly or smudges pretty quickly. This one isn’t a true waterproof formula but it does work more like normal mascara. I find it works best if I curl my lashes after I apply the mascara and it’s dried. They look better than normal mascara.
  • This mascara not only is the best waterproof mascara without clumping and harsh chemicals, but is easy to remove. It has also contributed to keeping my lashes healthy, I have even noticed they have grown longer. I love the brown, but it is hard to find.
  • I didn’t realize how much of a difference the mascara makes in my lashes ability to hold a curl. I use this mascara after curling my lashes, and it holds a curl and looks fluffy and glamorous all day. The formula is somewhat dry, which I mean as a compliment. It’s dry enough that it doesn’t get gloopy at the base like most mascaras. I can wiggle the wand to be thorough at the base, which is what I usually do, but with other mascaras I end up with a mess. I love that this mascara is clean, goes on easily, layers easily, and lasts all day without flaking or smudging that I’ve noticed. I wait about 60 seconds before applying the second layer, so it’s still somewhat moist, and this works fabulously for adding depth and sultry glam. The picture that I posted does not do justice, as I was in a rush that day and not focusing on my lashes.At the end of the day, my oil cleanser removes the mascara fairly easily, although sometimes there is a bit of smudge left over, but nothing compared to the hell of removing most waterproof mascaras! I hope they never change this formula, as it has been years since I’ve been this excited about a mascara, and I’m a bit of a snob. ;)
  • This is simply an awesome waterproof mascara. I have super sensitive eyes but wanted a waterproof mascara w/ clean ingredients and this one is the best. It does not flake at all, is not clumpy upon application, and comes off relatively easy considering it's in the waterproof category. It definitely has that feathery lash look. I am super picky with ingredients as well as how it performs and this checks all my boxes. It also lasts a pretty long time- using it twice a week for the past 4 months and it's still going strong.
  • After trying countless brands of mascara for many years - this is the first mascara that does not irritate my eyes.No itching, no burning.Looks great, does not flake.I love this.I highly, highly recommend this mascara for anyone with sensitive eyes!
  • I love this mascara it’s light but my naturally straight lashes keeps a great curl my holy grail and natural love it
  • This mascara left my lashes feeling soft & looking natural. The black is a nice neutral color and the formula coated the lashes nicely without becoming thick and clumpy, creating a lovely, your-lashes-but-better natural look.So why only four stars? Because the mascara wand is total crap. It's just the most BASIC spiral of bristles, with way too much space between each row. This results in the mascara being deposited only at the base of my lashes to about halfway up their length. So there's absolutely NO lengthening going on here.The only way to get it to the end of my lashes was to take the wand and try to dab the stuff onto the tips. Which didn't work well. Don't even attempt it on your lower lashes! Smudge city, baby.This is a real shame, because the formulation of this mascara is great. It's nice stuff that feels good on my lashes. But that brush....? Fugettaboutit!!
  • This is the only actual waterproof mascara that is clean that I have found. Swim, sweat, crying, you name it, this stays put! It actually only comes off after I use an oil, or creamy eye cream, it does not come off with soap alone. I love it though! It’s perfect, and not too dark for light lashes. If you use greasy moisturizers though, this will smudge!
  • Loved the product and the way it looked. However, it seemed to dry out quickly.
  • I was looking for a funeral proof, green mascara that would stand up to lots of crying. This does the trick.Worth every penny. You can build it up and not get clumpy and stays on great.EDITING THIS REVIEW:Not only funeral proof, but rock & roll in the rain proof.We survived downpours and sideways rain at Guns N' Roses in Boston.Zero raccoon eyes, zero running down my face.Every inch of me was drenched, but this mascara said, I got no time for you rain drops.Rock on Ere Perez!!
  • I like that this mascara is actually good for my lashes. It builds well, and looks best with 3 coats. It smears only slightly after wearing all day and into the evening. Removes easily with baby oil.
  • I appreciate how this goes on. I’ve used volume mascara from dr. Hauschka for years and still do. I wanted waterproof for work as I work outside and in heat and glasses you want to keep it on.I appreciate it doesn’t run if you’re perspiring in heat and easy to take off.
  • This isn't your "better than sex mascara" so get that out of your head. It's light and is easily removable, so unfortunately not water proof. BUT, I noticed significant length in my eyelashes a few months after purchase(and no I didn't put this mascara on every day, maybe once or twice a week). My husband thought I put my lashes on 😂. This mascara does layer well and doesn't look messy. Overall, I love it ❤️
  • It does smear a little as I apply it but I like that it’s not clumpy and it’s super easy to wipe off at the end of the day :)
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  • WHAT IT IS: A Waterproof Mascara Designed To Make A Statement With Your Lashes + Stimulate The Growth Of Long, Beautiful Lashes + Encourage Strength With Its Formula At The Same Time.
  • WHAT IT DOES: Using A Blend Of Nourishing Oils + Waxes, Our Team Has Created A Unique Dry-Style Formula That Is Long-Lasting + Waterproof. With Full Coverage + Eye-Friendly Ingredients, You Won’t Look Back.
  • WHY WE LOVE IT: A Vegan + Cruelty Free Formula That Provides Long-Lasting + Waterproof Coverage, Supports Growth And Strength Of Lashes + Low Irritation For Sensitive Eyes.
  • KEY ACTIVES: Harnessing The Magic Of Mamey + Avocado Oils To Regenerate, Strengthen + Kickstart Growth, This Beautiful Vegan Formula Is Built For Brilliant Black Lashes That Won’t Smudge Or Get Tired.
  • CLEAN QUALITY: Ere Perez Is Proud To Offer Products That Are Vegan, Cruelty-Free, Non-Toxic, Non-GMO + Plastic-Free.
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