Eveline Eyelash Growth Activator Concentrated Serum 3 In 1 Advance Volumiere - REVIEW

  • Im always trying new grow serums for my lashes and brows. This one is pretty good.I put it on before bed and it works while you sleep. Its white, so when you put it on you can see where it goes. The only thing with this is you dont need to put it at the roots of your lashes, because it will cause some irritation. But other than that , its good
  • This is a great primer and my lashes are thicker and longer..... it takes a while but it works.
  • I have used this product for a number of years now as I have very light colored, short eyelashes.It's easy to apply, it goes on whiteish and really builds up and lengthens the eyelashes; then you add your mascara over the top.It's a great product!
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  • Stimulates eyelash growth
  • Moisturizes and revitalizes
  • Regenerates and rebuilds
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