DIY Lash Extension Kit, Lash Clusters With Waterproof Lash Bond and Seal and Lash Tweezers Wispy D Curl Eyelash Kit, 63Pcs Cluster Lashes Extensions Individual Eyelashes Extension by Goddvenus - REVIEW

  • i thought the lash handle thing it metal thought it would be plastic and the glue thought it would been some dollar tree glue surprisingly it bond n seal long and nice and the lashes full n thick
  • The media could not be loaded. I'm really happy with my eyelash extensions. They give me a real confidence boost yet still look so natural. I love waking up in the morning and feeling so pretty. I can do any activities I want and can't feel any extra weight on my lashes, which is just great!
  • This lashes is more than I expected been wearing it for few days now and it seems long lasting.
  • I love these lashes they’re the perfect lashes if you want that natural look. I always put my the lashes under my lashline and these were perfect didn’t feel them all day felt like actually lash extensions. Definitely love the Bond & Sealer it comes with too very strong
  • Okay these are perfect! The picture looks way more dramatic but in person, they look gorgeously natural and wispy! The look exactly like how my lashes looked when I got lash extensions. So easy to use!
  • These whisky lashes are so pretty and natural looking, it might take some patience putting each individual on, but once you get the hang of it, it’ll be easier to apply. Definitely will buy more!
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  • ✨DIY Lash Extensions at Home✨ If you do extensions but was tired of spending hours on doing your eyelash extensions in salon. Why not try the cat eye DIY lash extension kit. You could DIY eyelashes extension at home by the eyelash kit. Lashes clusters, lash glue, eyelash application, Anything you need is here.
  • ✨Eyelashes Sharpening Technique✨ Through the technology, the cat eyelashes look more like real lashes, soft, fluffy and wispy. Your eyes will fall in love with this touch. And you will like how the lash clusters criss cross to give texture and volume.
  • ✨ Super Value DIY Lash Extension Kit ✨ Cat eye d curl individual eye lashes pack, 2 in 1 eyelash glue, elbow tweezers. 3 lashes extension tools in the kit, the money you spent on them at market could buy 2 kits of Goddvenus DIY Eyelashes extensions.
  • ✨ Goddvenus High Quality Lash Cluster Kit Repay Our Customers ✨ We tried kinds of cluster lashes band and faux mink lashes to product the cluster eye lashes. And we select lash bond and seal, not ordinary glue. We select elbow tweezers, not slant tip tweezers. All tools are suitable for DIY individual eyelashes extension at home.
  • ✨ Contact Goddvenus First ✨ If you have any questions, UNCONDITIONAL REFOUND, RETURN, please contact customer service first. Please Do NOT leave bad mood to yourself. Goddvenus will give you a satisfactory reply.
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