iMethod Eyebrow Tattoo Peel Off - Eyebrow Tattoo Gel Brow Stain Tint Longlasting Brow Gel, Waterproof Eyebrow Kit with Eyebrow Stencils, Makeup Natural Brow Stamp Tattoo Set, Eyebrow Stain Semi Permanent - REVIEW

  • I thought I’d give this a try even with mixed reviews. It’s true that the gel is really thick and a bit clumpy. I still applied it pretty easily though. It looked super dark when I first applied it and I was a little worried i chose the wrong shade. I waited about 30 minutes, and then peeled it off according to the instructions. I was surprised that I really liked the results. It was a good color for me and not too dark as I had feared. I don’t use stencils with it, I just follow my own brow arch. I’m really happy with my results using this…it’s day 3 since I tried it and, while they are starting to fade, they still have enough color to not need extra brow makeup.
  • The material is like gel once it dries can be easily peel off, the longer you wear it (time on brows) will stain your brows lasts up to 3 days fades within washes., love that and recommend this product/ stencils, many really not usable and hard to match, most are small. Not sure why so many.
  • I saw a video of someone using a similar product on TikTok so I searched Amazon and found this gem. Really easy to use, comes with several stencils in every possible eyebrow shape and it also comes with tape for the stencils. I have nice natural eyebrows but this gave them a nice boost and I am able to skip eyebrows all together when doing my makeup with this product. I love it! It did not pull any of my brow hair out and I also used it on my lips for semi permanent lip liner effect! The lips also came out beautiful! I purchased the dark brown color, in the photo I am wearing just a lip gloss and this as liner. I give this product 10 stars.
  • I love this product. Also the customer service is excellent. They reply back quickly if you have an issue with their product. I had to send back the color that I ordered it was too light and they had replaced it with the right color for me at no charge. So I am very happywith this company.
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  • SALON-FRESH BROW TINT - Brow-challenged ladies, the days of filling in your sparse arches each morning are behind you. Get that salon-fresh brow tint from your own home with this Eyebrow Peel Off Eyebrow Tint.
  • WHAT IS IT? - iMethod peel-off eyebrow tint is a semi-permanent makeup that helps you achieve fuller-looking brows without the effort of daily makeup application for up to three days.
  • APPLY, SET & PEEL OFF SO EASILY! - Easy to peel. Painless. Love that brows are spot on upon waking up in the morning. Offers precision application with iMethod easy-to-use eyebrow stencils. Not only increases hair visibility but also creates a fuller, more defined brow.
  • LAST 3 DAYS, SLEEP-PROOF & TRANSFER-PROOF - Brows looking a little sparse? iMethod eyebrow tint kit gives your brows a more intense shade and is perfectly defined for up to 3 days. It effortlessly delivers salon results at home. The formula is long-lasting, waterproof, and smudge-proof. You do not need to draw eyebrows every morning, it won’t rub or wash off.
  • CRUELTY-FREE & TIME SAVER - iMethod products are CRUELTY-FREE and VEGAN. Tattoo Brow Peel-Off Tint is a perfect time saver, allowing you to wake up with more flawless brows. Whether you’re heading to work, dancing all night, or hitting the gym – there’s no need to apply extra products for at least three days.
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