Cool Helen: Light Gray Eyebrow Powder/Hair Powder/Root Cover – Waterproof, Cruelty-Free - REVIEW

  • Had been looking for gray eyebrow makeup for a long time. This is easy to use and natural looking.
  • This is a wonderful eyebrow powder!I have gray hair and had searched the stores for gray eyebrow powder and found none.This product stays put after easily brushing on.It looks natural.
  • I wish I had bought this a few years back when my hair started to turn gray
  • Works well but I wish it were a little bit lighter in color.But that is just me.Probably the perfect shade for others.
  • the texture is powdery and stiff, if that makes sense.if it were more velvety and thick it would be betterlike the difference between nars black eyeshadow and a cheap brand.sometimes you barely have to touch your brush to a powder and BAM you're saturated.sometime you have to practically scratch the surface and mess up the tip of your precision slanted brow/liner brush.this is the latter. i mix w a little water or fixative to make it more pastry so it'll be more pigmented, but this on,y works partly, because it can dilute the color further.i like the cool grey, as i have silver lavender grey hair, and this can be layered to be darker or kept light, but it won't get that dark no matter what cause if what i already wrote.i wish it was softer and more dense pigmentbut i do like it a LOT by the color and size and flip top lidi've searched a lot to find a brow color that works, and this is actually made to be brow color, so that i like a lot, tooif i had more time and money and actually left my house to shop*gasp* outside!? what's that!?i'd probably test other department or better/different quality items like shadows to find something i kije, but that maybe is harder than it sounds. i don't want vibrant, and i don't want brown.i usually hate brow colors cause they're all brown and goldy or poopy and waxy or mascaraey, but i pluck my brows best,y our so to draw on the middle to end does require much different product and application than bushy or full or normal brows. so this review won't suite everyone. if you have hair there already, it'll probably fill in nice, unless you're all white, then, well i'd have to tryi used to use Nars thunderball for years on my brows when i had black hair, often w blue or green bits in it... that colors close to black but has a slight blueness to it that you can't really see unless you tryit just didn't look right w my current hair. couldn't pull off the black af brows w light hair thingi LOVE the texture and pigment in that thoughthat's why i mentioned it earlieri should get my ass to the store and see if they make a light cook greyhave to test these things on your face. can't just buybut, this works. i'll keep using it, the color is on. the pigment is not, but maybe that's what is better for people,evi never found an eyebrow pencil i like, ever, though until very recentlyi found a GREY nyx twist up brow pencil that i don't hate. it's suuuper thin. and brow pencils do need to be harder and stiffer or they just smoosh and smudge.the 2 products together is what i'm now using, and finally getting some brow mojo back.i recommend both, together. this brow pot is perfect fixative for that pencil, and pencil is good base for this to stick toif you know of others plmkthanks
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  • True light gray eyebrow powder – Cool Helen contains a hint of blue for those with cool undertones. Ditch the dye and embrace your natural gray hair. These gray eyebrow powders are perfect for those with gray hair, silver hair, or salt and pepper hair. Eye Embrace's exclusive gray brow colors are formulated to blend easily with your natural coloring.
  • Powder creates a soft natural look. As you age, your pale gray eyebrows may make you look washed out. Define your brows with grey brow powders to accentuate and enhance your brows while maintaining a softer look.
  • Also great as hair powder to cover up roots. Fill in your hairline with brow powder to create the look of fuller, thicker hair. Sweep powder upwards into your part and temples, filling in spare areas along the hairline.
  • Best if paired with Eye Embrace Pro Grip Angled Eyebrow Brush. Use the spoolie eyebrow wand to comb and groom your brow hairs. Then, use the premium angled brush with the eyebrow powder to fill in your brows with soft even strokes in the direction of hair growth following the natural shape of your brows.
  • High-Quality Ingredients – cruelty free, paraben free, and gluten free. All our products are made thoughtfully with high quality ingredients and go through extensive cruelty-free testing – Eye Embrace is proudly Leaping Bunny Certified and would never test on animals!
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