Brown Sugar Black Hawaiian Honey Bronzer,Lotion,Antioxidant,for All, 13.5 Oz - REVIEW

  • You’re better off spending the money on a quality bronzer if it takes you a long time to tan
  • I have been tanning for 2 months every year for 5 years and have tried a lot of different lotions from Walmart brands to ones u can buy at the tanning place.OMG! THIS IS THE BEST ONE I HAVE USED! Hands down This brand is my go to now. It smells like honeysuckle and passion. u get a settle wiff every now and then walking around after you use this. It also works great to achieve the bronze look. I'd recommend 100% it's worth ur hard earned money.
  • Smells so good and doesn’t leave you streaky or orange! Goes a long way too
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  • 1.Advanced 200X Black Bronzers elicit an exotic & darkest tan yet
  • 2.Queen Honeybee Bow-To-Me butters provide lush conditioning
  • 3.Activated Charcoal & Hawaiian Extracts give skin unparalleled radiance
  • 4.Fragrance: Tropical Rainforest
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