Mink Lashes Fluffy False Eyelashes 3D Full Volume 18mm Thick Fake Lashes Natural Look Like Eyelash Extensions 5 Pairs Lash by Winifred - REVIEW

  • Product came very quickly and they are super soft and pretty. Love that I can get ready super fast using these lashes. They are good quality and great price.
  • Haven’t try on the lashes yet but from the looks you can tell it’s a beautiful lashes. Looks very natural and full. I love it! Would definitely recommend buying!
  • I am a lash extension veteran and was looking for something that resembled the look of them for a wedding.These lashes did not disappoint! They are big and dramatic but still classy ! Hope this review was helpful !
  • I purchased these for the anime convention and also wore these during pride here in Chicago. Everyone loved the lashes and makeup. I gotta say they are a bit heavy on the eyes. Very dramatic. I did have to trim them a bit to fit my eye shape and make sure to trim the end right next to the lash hair otherwise it would continue to poke my eye. It is shiny like fake wig hair, and slightly 'hard' just an fyi.
  • I really like this lashes a lot. The band is very thin and completely invisible, especially with the way the lashes are attached to it in a very full bodies, crisscross/hatch pattern with all the lashes spaced evenly across the band and very close together. I hate that all "natural" look strip lashes all seem to have huge gaps in between lash clusters, it makes even clear band lashes totally obvious, especially if you're like me and wear lashes daily and don't want to have to wear black eyeliner to hide the band.I've tried a TON of other lashes on Amazon including Ardell and KISS, and out of all the lashes I've bought this year, the lash placement on the band, the invisibility of the band, and the overall spread and multi-tier volume of these lashes is by FAR the best I've seen so far. I included a few close up photos to show how well these lashes are assembled. Usually lashes of this quality cost upwards of $20 a piece, so for the price, these lashes are the best lash deal on Amazon.My one and only issue is the T05 is they are REALLY long. Like reeeaally long. If I'm looking down, they're fine, but when I'm looking straight ahead The tops of all the lashes touches my my upper lid just under my brow bone, and I have a lot of space between the crease of my eyelids and my eyebrows, especially the outer portion. If I need to look up, I need to point my entire head upward, if I just look up with my eyes, the longer lashes getting stuck under my browbone and pushed down towards the crease of my eyelid, and literally get stuck there until I manually pull them out from under my brow bone. I also wear prescription glasses anytime I leave the house, and I don't recommend the T05 style if you wear glasses. Mine constantly rub against my lenses and get stuck on the lip of the frame.These lashes are awesome for anyone not trying to pass them off as your natural lashes, which is what I was looking for. Even though they are a bit to much for me as everyday lashes, they are still my new favorite lashes to wear on a night out. They are intricately and professionally constructed, the attention to detail to create length and the perfect amount of fullness and volume surpasses any other lashes I've bought off Amazon. Despite the fullness and length, they are light as a feather and the band is truly invisible, even without eyeliner. There's no need to try and camouflage the band, the distribution and placement angles of the lashes are superior to even $30 lashes I have. And at less than $10 for 5 pairs of high quality lashes, these is by far the best lashes I've found anywhere this year.
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  • 【Fluffy and Full Lash Extension】Faux mink of D curl Russian strip lashes are designed for girls who love eyelash extension!Natural and mildly fluffy fake eyelashes have the same effect as individual lashes but easier to apply and move.
  • 【Volume Cat Eye Look】Cat eye lashes style are always in, which is shorter on the corner and longer at the end.Fluffy and natural full eyelashes can modify the shape of your eyes and make them looked more glamorous.
  • 【High Quality Fiber】Winifred eyelashes adopted top quality faux mink material,Super thin fibers provide soft and light touch,and the black cotton lash band can be curled to any curvature to fit with your eyelids well.Perfect lashes experience is here!
  • 【100% Pure Handmade】Touch like real mink but 100% cruelty-free!Also a suitable choice as gift and perfect for daily life,party,date and festival like Halloween and Christmas.
  • 【100% After-sale Guarantee】Contact us anytime if you have any problems or new ideas!
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