Dolly's Lash Curve Eyelash Perm Glue Bottle (5ml) - REVIEW

  • I have been foing lash lifts for 5 years now and this is by far the best glue
  • I use this glue for lash lifts , it has great consistency not too sticky, it doesn’t dry up too fast which helps to glue lashes on to shields. I have also used it on the skin and it is very gentle. the only bad thing about it is the size, it’s too small. Other than that I loved it, best glue I’ve tried.
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  • Dolly's Lash Brand, Premium Quality Guarantee, Feel the difference. - Dolly's Lash Brand - #1 Choice for Professional, Choice 5 years in a row.
  • Quantity Includes : 1x 5ml Bottle of Dolly’s Lash Glue (Laminating Agent)
  • Specially Formulated Glue for Dolly's Silicone Pads or other Brand Silicon Pads - Excellent Adhesiveness and Easy to Remove by Water or Nourishing Agent - Capacity: 5mL Extra Strength, Longer Lasting, Premium Quality Guarantee.
  • TESTED BY LASH INDUSTRY PROFESSIONALS and million customers around the world - From this You Know that Dolly Lashes is made with Quality and will give you the Best result for your lashes. Dolly Lash Glue will gently hold your lashes in place while you can apply applications to give your lashes the beautiful lift. Each product is formulated and tested thoroughly to ensure for safe and effective use for everyone.
  • Suitable for Professional use or Personal use.
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