Grande Cosmetics GrandeLASH-MD Lash Enhancing Serum - REVIEW

  • After lash extensions, I was HEART BROKEN. My lashes were brittle and short unlike before. After using grande lash consistently for about 2 weeks, I began to see remarkable results. My lashes have not only grown in length, but they have strengthened individually and they feel thicker and healthier than even before lash extensions. I highly recommend. And you can also apply WITH lash extensions so that when you DO get them off, you aren’t so unpleasantly surprised like I was.
  • I'm half Asian and have short and super straight eyelashes.I tried many eyelash growth serums before but this is the only one where I could see a visible difference after a month.The first photo was when I went on a vacation.I used a heated curler and put a lot of mascara on but you could barely see my eyelashes lol the second photo is me with some mascara and a regular curler(because my heated one broke) there's such a noticeable difference even when I didn't use my good curler.I'm very happy with the results.My eyelashes look visibly longer and that's all I wanted
  • I’ve used this eyelash serum for about 2 years now and can testify that it really does work! I was using Latisse for a while and had horrible redness on the lash line (one of the side effects). I decided it wasn’t worth it anymore. I saw this at a beauty store and decided to give it a try. What a great find! Results are not immediate so be patient and use it regularly.
  • A little bit of this stuff really goes a long way. Using a little amount is important as it can cause irritation if used too much product in one dip. I like to dip the brush and scrape off a little of it so I don't put too much. None the less, that little amount makes a big difference in my eyelash growth. It takes about 2 months after initial use to start seeing a difference.
  • I’ve tried lots of lash serums and this is truly the best. Results in just a few weeks.
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